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Subject: [Leica] Professional Leica Users?
From: photo.forrest at (Philip Forrest)
Date: Wed Sep 20 19:01:12 2006

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the gentleman used the term "toy" as
a hobbyist item, not a piece of gear that a pro photog would use for most of
their livelihood.  This has nothing to do with the durability of the
cameras, hardly.  I took my M4 and M2 to Iraq and both performed flawlessly
when my Nikon digital wouldn't even turn on (above 115 degrees.)  The Leicas
are as durable as ever & nothing else can really compare besides an old
rugged film body such as a Nikon F2.  The reasoning behind the discussion
here is that there's too much cost and time when shooting film.  It's mostly
relegated to the hobbyist and fine art shooters.

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I guess I wonder why you call it a toy.  A toy implies it is something you
would give to a child or something that is not expected to last.  The M
camera of today are every bit as rugged as those of years gone by, and just
as usable. It may not have all the baubles and extras as say the Canon 1Ds
MkII, but it has all you need to do the job.  Yes it is expensive, but so is
the Canon, in fact several Canons fit into this price range, as well as at
least one Nikon.  Do you consider them also toys?


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> I know that this doesn?t take us any were but don?t you think that it?s a
> that M Leica gear is almost a toy and not a tool has it was supposed to
> If Leica turns only to be an expensive toy I will be very sad! 
> So photo professionals what is missing to M to make it a toll again? 
> B regards from Portugal 
> Bernardo feio 
> Will von Dauster escreveu: While I've almost never 
> used Ms exclusively, they used to be my 
> cameras of choice for event coverage and on-site, in-context 
> portraiture, as well as various other applications. I also miss them, 
> and look forward to hearing how the M8 performs as shipped. 
> Will von Dauster 
> On Sep 20, 2006, at 6:30 AM, Tina Manley wrote: 
> > At 06:06 AM 9/20/2006, you wrote: 
> >> Hi 
> >> 
> >> How many of us "leica users" are professional photographers (and 
> >> live from taking pictures) use Leica M equipment for work? And 
> >> from those that are professional and don't use M equipment how 
> >> many will start using the M8? 
> > 
> > I'm a professional photographer who used to use M's exclusively but 
> > I now use Canon's exclusively. I'm still looking forward to 
> > getting the M8 so I can use all of those wonderful M lenses which 
> > are gathering dust on my shelves. The Canon 1DMII is a monster to 
> > carry around, especially with the 85/1.2 attached. The M8 with a 
> > Noctilux will be much easier to carry. I'm just hoping that the 
> > high ISO's will be as good as Canon's. 
> > 
> > Tina 
> > 
> > Tina Manley, ASMP, NPPA 
> > 
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