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Subject: [Leica] 3 week trip to Italy: VC II or MR-4 meter?
From: nickbroberts at (Nick Roberts)
Date: Wed Sep 20 01:45:20 2006

Also, the MR-4 is getting on a bit, and more prone to failure, I think. I 
sometimes use one with my M3, but frankly I prefer to use my little Digisix, 
or simply guesstimate - but my eyes are "calibrated" for the UK, so I 
wouldn't try that in Italy!

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Subject: Re: [Leica] 3 week trip to Italy: VC II or MR-4 meter?

Hi G

If the MR-4 meter (I don't have one) can be coupled with the M3 speed dial, 
it will be the faster deal. Otherwise the VCII is likely faster to use. The 
LED's allow a quick reading while keeping one eye at the viewfinder; which 
is even more useful in available light situations. The VCII has a range from 
EV1 (1sec f1.4) to EV20 (1/2000 f22). Don't know the MR-4's range, but most 
likely it's smaller. Once I had used a VCI in a dark concert place, with 
Ilford Delta 3200, Summicron 50@f2 and approx. 1/15 speed, where it was 
quite accurate. The M6's meter was partially dropping out in this situation.

The VCII has a measuring angle of about 30?, which roughly corresponds to a 
85-90mm focal length. So if you use it together with a 50mm lens, it makes a 
center weighted measuring pattern similar to the M6. I consider this 
metering pattern as being the most useful for my personal taste. 

To conclude, the VCII would clearly be my choice for that trip. 
Enjoy Italy - and especially the italian food and wines!


ps: If you're in Rome, visit the San Ambrogio e San Claudio Church with it's 
beautiful golden framed frescos - a pleasure to photograph, see 

>VC II meter versus MR-4 meter for 3 week trip to
>italy. Which one is faster, more sensitive to low
>light, etc. I'm going to be using the Wein 1.35V cell
>on the MR-4, if this is what I end up purchasing.
> I'm taking my M3 with 50/summicron, and a lot of HP-5
>film, along with a leica tripod. I've always used a
>very simple hand-held Sekonic reflective (only) meter.
>I mostly meter of my palm and open it up a stop, but
>I'm hoping an add on meter might speed things up a
>Your opinions are greatly appreciated.
>G Medina 

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