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Subject: [Leica] Printing not uploading part II
From: nickbroberts at (Nick Roberts)
Date: Wed Sep 20 14:37:40 2006

You're describing my first "darkroom", Mark. And my third setup, too!

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From: Mark Rabiner <>
Sent: Wednesday, 20 September, 2006 9:29:42 PM
Subject: [Leica] Printing not uploading part II

As I was saying I was up all night printing. On a roll so to speak.
Didn't mention I didn't do it with a line of trays in by bathtub and an
enlarger on my toilet. Can't claim to have ever done that. I bet Ted has!
Who else?
I did it with my new 88 dollar Epson Stylus Photo R220 I just picked up from
Staples down the street. 20th in Queens NY.
I've eschewed Hahnem?hle photo rag for a far superior printing media.
Its made by Avery.
Its called Matte White Clean Edge Business Cards 8877 Ink Jet
Extra sturdy matte coated business cards with no perforated edges
400 cards 2" x 3.5" I think maybe 20 bucks.

After printing up a bunch of cards I started experimenting with putting
photos in them. By 5AM I had 100 biz cards each with a different image in
Business Card Composer 4 is more fun than I don't know what.
The images involved are about the best I've ever done in any media. But give
me another cup of coffee. Clear as a bell and with blacks I never got with
Amidol and grey fingernails. I already have an existing portfolio by the way
in  2" x 3.5". Printed on Hahnem?hle with my 2200.
So much for pigment.

I asked an expert a month or so ago, Paul Roark,
from the digital black and white printing list which sub hundred buck
printer to get to knock out some prints out of my motel room and although
Paul is an expert probably THE expert in Carbon-Pigment Printing he told me
to get the 220 Epson.
There's a Epson Stylus C88+ for 88 bucks which uses pigment inks but he told
me to get the 220 for 99 bucks which uses ink inks.
I didn't argue with him. I'm not prone to.
The Epson 220 has 6 carts the Epson 88+ 4 carts.
I figured that might be the reason.
Also the 220 is relatively speaking just out.
The 88 has just about had it. Closed out.
MARKED DOWN!!! As Bette Midler would not want to say.

Anyway I don't know what the pigment vs. ink vs. carbon deal all goes down
I know that you can get better color saturation with ink than pigment.
But then I'm basically a black and white guy.
And I think the archival issues with ink are probably relatively speaking
So I'm making here today gone tomorrow  2" x 3.5" mini masterpieces and
loving it. Cant wait to check out the Avery site and see what other stuff
they've got.

Breaking up these little puppies which are 10 cards per sheet into little
units of  2" x 3.5" photoness is more fun than ...
I forgot what.

There may be a clarity you get with ink you don't get with pigment but I
maybe something you get with an up to the minute machine you don't get with
one from a few years back.

I forgot to put my GPS coordinates on my cards!

I think I'll NOT redo them all night but drop a couple of Contac cold pills
and catch some zzz's with the sun down for a change.

Mark Rabiner

40?46'56.34"N  73?49'32.25"W

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