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Subject: [Leica] Re: Video of M8
From: enitka1 at (e. nitka)
Date: Wed Sep 13 06:56:17 2006
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I looked at the video - the M8 looks glorious but............ it's a 
piece of computer equipment with a lens attached and as such it will 
become outdated in the next 24-36 months.  This is a radical 
departure for Leica..... the M series for the last 30 years was 
already outdated and static for the most part.  That WAS the nice 
part about the M series.  As it turns out I don't even have the money 
to pay the sales tax on the upcomming M8 but even if I did I would be 
leery of spending so much ( as an amateur) on such a camera.  Just my 
$0.02.  I'm not anti- digital but for now I'm satisfied with my 
Pentax DSLR.  Just my two cents.

ernie nitka

At 03:42 AM 9/13/2006, you wrote:
>I agree with everything Scott said.  :-D
>I still haven't bought a digital camera.  I'm enjoying using Fuji's
>wonderful slide films more and more.  No colour management problems.
>No computer hardware and software problems.  No storage problems.  No
>data losses.  No steep learning curve on image processing.  No huge
>up-front costs for equipment that is soon superseded.  Just ongoing
>enjoyment of a technology that has matured to provide superb
>Sure, I'll buy digital bodies in time.  I'm looking forward to it.
>I'm waiting until the technology is mature, i.e. better, more
>convenient and cheaper than the film in every respect.  ;-)
>On 13/09/2006, at 3:00 PM, Scott McLoughlin wrote:
>>Jeff Moore wrote:
>>>Yeah, point-N-shoots.  Remember how I said I dislike SLRs?  I hate
>>>point-n-shoots all the more.  Once again, that hasn't kept me from
>>>keeping one in a pocket or bag, but...  you just don't know where the
>>I agree with everything Jeff said.
>>I'll just add that while I use a DSLR alongside my M's, for a small
>>camera, I much prefer to simply shoot good old 135 format film.
>>No "small sensor, noise, EVF, shutter lag, yada yada" crap to put
>>up with.
>>Just shooting a film P&S is so much easier and, in the general
>>case, yields
>>so much higher quality results - on good old 135 format film - than
>>any P&S digicam.
>>Use one's film of choice - Delta 100, Provia 100, TriX, NPH,
>>whatever floats
>>your boat. Get over it, and just pay for the film and  processing.
>>This "cost"
>>didn't stop any pro or serious amateur photographers in years past,
>>so why
>>should it now? Is the universe of photographers getting poorer or
>>I've now purchased 2 digicams as presents for family members, and I've
>>coached a few other friends and family through a digicam purchase
>>of their
>>But I have absolutely NO intentions of using such a digicam
>>myself.  No
>>Whatever their strengths and weaknesses, my Rollie AFM35 or my Oly
>>Stylus Epic have produced many, many nice "keepers" - on good old film
>>that I can scan and print or choose to have wet printed at quite
>>Personally, given the current crop of small sensor digicams, I just
>>don't see
>>any real point to using one.
>>Pics @
>>Leica M6TTL, Bessa R, Nikon FM3a, Nikon D70, Rollei AFM35
>>(Jihad Sigint NSA FBI Patriot Act)
>>Leica Users Group.
>>See for more information
>Leica Users Group.
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