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Subject: [Leica] was: I have to have this, now "mediocre"
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Mon Jul 3 15:23:09 2006
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Oh yeah, another thing that just grinds my gears about this
whole supposed "debate."   Over the last few years, we've
all seen list lurkers finally come out of the shadows and
post a few  pics, often expressing quite a bit of trepidation
in doing so.

All this completely useless chit chat about "mediocre" pics is
just going to increase the intimidation factor and keep the shy
lurkers from posting their pics.

And that sucks. How will people get better? So I say,
LUG lurkers, dare to post your "mediocre" pics here -
frequently and in volume!!!  The killjoys and snobs
will be drive away lickety split, and who knows, you
might just get some *polite and constructive* feedback
from some nice, knowledgeable folks here that will
teach you something about taking better photographs.


Scott McLoughlin wrote:

> Wow,  I don't see the issues at all.  Just a couple of snobs
> telling the others that their "mediocre" pics are posted to the
> LUG for review - BFD!!!  Duh. If you don't want to post
> pics or critique other's pics - then just don't.
> But please just be quiet about it.  Plently other folks are having
> a grand old time on the LUG - so butt out.
> This isn't some stupid, crappy jury competition, and it's not
> SUPPOSED to be. It's the "Leica User Group" mailing list -
> no more, no less.
> I didn't sign up for some jury competition - I signed up for
> the *LUG*.  Pic's of sunsets and grandchildren included :-)
> Clubby?  Hell, it's people crazy enough to go out and get into
> some expensive Leica gear, use RF's regularly, etc.. Again, it
> well SHOULD be clubby.  We're all part of a small niche
> here.
> Simple thing to do if you don't like a club - don't join.
> 'Nough said.
> Scott
> Matt Powell wrote:
>> On 6/29/06, Chandos Michael Brown <> wrote:
>>> It's tough to
>>> comment on an image when one can't quite imagine why the poster 
>>> feels it's
>>> worthy of close scrutiny, and knowing all the while that any attempted
>>> critique will provoke a circling of the wagons and intractable
>>> defensiveness.
>> This is remarkably well-said and applies far outside the realm of the
>> LUG. I've spent many a class critique staring at the ceiling,
>> wondering why on God's green earth anyone had pinned THAT to the wall.

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