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Subject: [Leica] was: I have to have this, now "mediocre"
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Mon Jul 3 14:56:13 2006
References: <> <01ae01c69b9e$6e51a3e0$6401a8c0@hal> <>

Wow,  I don't see the issues at all.  Just a couple of snobs
telling the others that their "mediocre" pics are posted to the
LUG for review - BFD!!!  Duh. If you don't want to post
pics or critique other's pics - then just don't.

But please just be quiet about it.  Plently other folks are having
a grand old time on the LUG - so butt out.

This isn't some stupid, crappy jury competition, and it's not
SUPPOSED to be. It's the "Leica User Group" mailing list -
no more, no less.

I didn't sign up for some jury competition - I signed up for
the *LUG*.  Pic's of sunsets and grandchildren included :-)

Clubby?  Hell, it's people crazy enough to go out and get into
some expensive Leica gear, use RF's regularly, etc.. Again, it
well SHOULD be clubby.  We're all part of a small niche

Simple thing to do if you don't like a club - don't join.

'Nough said.


Matt Powell wrote:

> On 6/29/06, Chandos Michael Brown <> wrote:
>> It's tough to
>> comment on an image when one can't quite imagine why the poster feels 
>> it's
>> worthy of close scrutiny, and knowing all the while that any attempted
>> critique will provoke a circling of the wagons and intractable
>> defensiveness.
> This is remarkably well-said and applies far outside the realm of the
> LUG. I've spent many a class critique staring at the ceiling,
> wondering why on God's green earth anyone had pinned THAT to the wall.

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