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Subject: [Leica] Digital Leica M
From: richard-lists at (Richard)
Date: Sat Jun 17 11:11:08 2006
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Me? Wrong? Surely you jested?! :-)

Come on, we know a thousand years ago that wide angle RF lens have problems 
with vignetting blah blah blah. I am one of the ones that called Leica on 
it that as soon as Epson announced the R-D1, they immediately said they are 
working on a digital M. etc.

So yea, we know there will be compromise, microlens over sensor, software 
solution and may be other magic. whatever. Some of us can handle the fact 
that we sank boatload of $$$ into our lens and still need to make 
compromises. In fact, some of us have bought and are using the Epson R-D1 
for that reason.

But look through the last few posts, and I quote:

"...there seems to be a clear suggestion from Solms that one had better get 
the bar codes put on pre July 1, 2006, lenses or live with some pretty 
expensive junk.  It sounds as if they've invented a Leica M that in fact 
cannot use older lenses without  some lack of image optimization."

LUG Hysteria! I tell ya!!!

At 03:29 AM 6/17/2006, Frank Dernie wrote:

>You are wrong here Richard, there is a plenty of hard information
>that M lenses are unsuited to digital sensors. That is what Leica
>said officially themselves until the Epson RD1 showed they were not
>too bad and customer pressure lead to them going ahead, by all
>accounts against their better judgement. I believe that the hurried
>RD1 which has loads of shortcomings still is fun to use. Probably
>Leica will not rush it and use better technology to ameliorate the
>problems but there still is hard data that the M lenses will not be
>as good on digital than film. The first statement regarding their
>unsuitability came from Leica themselves and the subsequent
>discussion is presumably in the archives.
>On 17 Jun, 2006, at 01:37, Richard wrote:
>>#%$^%! Sorry, this post really personifies the worst of the
>>"Speculate To DEATH" nature of the LUG. With no hard data, now
>>people are saying that the Leica lens will be crap on the Digital
>>M. WTF?
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