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Subject: [Leica] 4/3 question
From: richard-lists at (Richard)
Date: Sat Jun 17 11:19:00 2006
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The key to this puzzle is, "is Olympus continuing with the PRO dSLR line?" 
I hope it does, I still have a drawer full of OM lens and a OM-4T. The 
whole marketing blurb was that by design a digital system from the ground 
up, they can optimize everything. Well, reality isn't quite like that. The 
4/3 lens are not noticeably smaller, and they from what I read, aren't 
really true telecentric design.

What Olympus does right though, is continue to innovate just a bit more 
than others big guys. Ultrasonic vibration to clean the sensor, water 
sealing on the E-1, live VF on the E-330 etc.

Now if they can throw a coup with a digital OM: imagine something the size 
of the Pentax dSLR (e.g. small), with live View, image stabilization a la 
Minolta/Sony, FAST prime lens in wide to normal range, 10MP.... Now that 
would be quite interesting.

At 10:16 AM 6/17/2006, Phil Swango wrote:

>BD, or anyone else:  I seem to be missing the point of the 4/3 concept.  I
>can get several makes of DSLRs in the 6-8 mp range (APS-size sensor) for
>$600-800.  Most will take some lenses I already have.  Since the better 4/3
>cameras cost that much or more, what's the advantage?  Not trolling -- I'm
>actually trying to learn something.

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