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Subject: [Leica] M7 jam...
From: faneuil at (Eric Korenman)
Date: Thu May 25 11:54:41 2006
References: <> <p06230922c09b9cd18254@>

My M7 is in NJ being repaired for very similar problem.
Mine would jam occasionally when lock switch was switched from locked
to unlocked or if I was shooting and advancing quickly.


On 5/25/06, Richard S. Taylor <> wrote:
> My M7 has jammed in two situations.  The first was after rewind when
> I couldn't get the rewind lever to return to vertical.  The solution
> to this one was to select a manual shutter speed, make sure the off
> switch was all the way on and release the shutter.  This has worked
> every time I've had to do it.
> The second time was after a 3-foot drop onto a marble floor.  The
> camera fell on the lens hood partially jamming the focus ring on my
> nice new 40 Nokton and totally jamming the camera which showed with
> no external damage whatsoever.
> I sent it back to Leica NJ along with a somewhat irritable note along
> the lines "my M3 wouldn't have jammed if I dropped it this way," and
> they sent it back a month later saying it only needed a CLA.  I
> assume they put back in place whatever slipped internally and all was
> well.  It's been fine ever since.
> Sounds like something has jogged out of place in yours.  Hope this helps.
> >While on a trip recently my M7 (bought new, 3-4 y old, no prior
> >problems) jammed irreversibly... I could not advance film, I could
> >not depress the shutter release...
> >
> >I took it to the two top places in  Paris, no solution and they said
> >it would have to go to Solms... likely for a month.
> >
> >Have any persons here ever had this sort of problem occur with an M7 or 
> >an M6?
> >
> >Please give me the details re event, cause, fix, outcome, other...
> >
> >appreciated,
> >
> >
> >thanks,  Steve
> >
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> Regards,
> Dick
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