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Subject: [Leica] Sepia Conversion
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Mon May 22 16:13:56 2006
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Hallo Peter,
at least I think I'm getting a little closer, on semi-matte or matte 
paper (Epson Heavyweight/ HP 7960)  it looks very close.but the "creamy 
effect of the light is not quite right yet.
Luis mentioned that an orthographic approach is probably a better line 
of attack,  this may possibly be more like the profile of plates.
The conversion was done without Photoshop (I usually use CS2 or PSE 3.0) 
in a stand-alone called Pure Image. The shot I took the profile from was 
of a group of women standing close to what is now Endeavour Wharf, with 
Church street and St Mary's in the background across the harbour. Maybe 
one of his shots from Golden Vale or Mulgrave woods would be more 
appropriate for a profile with foliage tones.
What struck me at first was that the picture itself does, quite 
unintentionally, have a somewhat Sutcliffe like subject.
I'll pick up on your suggestion of shooting some on-location shots when 
we are over there in july-august (we'll be in Bram Stokers house on 
Royal Crescent again this year, most of the decent cottages were already 
booked out in October of last year). The chap running the gallery made a 
book of old-new comparison views a couple of years ago, but, to be quite 
honest, it didn't do much for me at all.
BTW, did you know that Whitby station is now being served by the NYMR? 
Steam on 4 or 5 days a week,both to Grosmont and up the Esk Valley
as far as Battersby. Rumour has it that the overhauled "streak", Sir 
Nigel Gresley,  will be back this year too.

Peter Dzwig wrote:

> Douglas,
> No, don't think it quite does it. The Sutcliffe browns are deeper and 
> often appear massed. What was the Sutcliffe original? I suggest that 
> to try to assess the performance of this approach you would need to 
> try the experiment again with a Sutcliffe location; attempting to 
> photograph something pretty close to the original and then try 
> matching the profiles. BTW which software are you using? PSE 4?
> At the risk of repeating myself, the quality of the Sutcliffe pictures 
> has a lot to do with the combination of the process he used and the 
> light at the time; which was often more hazy than now, resulting in a 
> more luminous qualityto the air. Modern film, especially colour slide, 
> responds to light in a wholly different way to that of Sutcliffe's 
> processes.
> Peter
> Douglas Sharp wrote:
>> Been trying to find a decent way of converting to sepia - 
>> particularly the sepia tones shown in Frank Meadow Sutcliffe pictures.
>> I think I may have found it - The stand alone, Pure Image, has an 
>> option to match images to a colour profile.
>> Step 1 convert original image to BW (but still in RGB NOT Grayscale)
>> Step 2 Create a profile of a scanned Sutcliffe original
>> Step 3 Match BW shot to the profile
>> Let me know what you think,
>> Cheers
>> Douglas
>> Technical stuff : Leica M6, Canon  1,9/85mm  (screw mount), Kodak 
>> Ektachrome 400,
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