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Subject: [Leica] Re: Erwin's Latest
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Tue Jun 14 10:27:15 2005
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Maybe composition with a 50mm "normal" lens, some B&W film
and a *really* good printer is just a magical photographic combination
from the days of yore :-)

I soup and scan my own stuff and print digitally. Fun. But sometimes I
wonder what my photos would look like if I had a really tight working
relationship with a master B&W printer (and the money to afford it).

I'll never know. But do or did any of the folks here enjoy such a
blessed relationship during their careers?


Mark Langer wrote:

>It is true that technique and technology have a role to play, but in
>the hands of someone who really doesn't know what he is doing, they
>are of little help in creating a distinguished photo.  The
>transforming moment for me in realizing this was  several years ago
>when I was at the PhotoHistory conference at Eastman House in
>Rochester NY.  There was an exhibition of Magnum photographs -- all of
>them of interest.  But the photos that were the most striking were the
>early ones.  Technically, they couldn't hold a candle to the work of
>the later Magnum photographers, but the earlier photographers had a
>knack, not only for capturing the "decisive moment" but for
>composition.  Although often technically deficient (blurry, grainy,
>poorly exposed) they were knockouts.
>Talent for image making is more important than the equipment used. 
>This isn't to say that there would be no difference in HCB's work if
>he had more modern Leica lenses, or that Steiglitz's work wouldn't
>benefit by the latest in large format cameras and lenses.  It simply
>means that the best equipment won't make you a Steiglitz or a HCB. 
>This isn't my ego talking -- I don't consider myself to be much more
>than a competent snapshot taker.
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