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Subject: [Leica] Film production stills help?
From: mattmorgan1 at (Matt Morgan)
Date: Wed Jun 8 16:49:10 2005
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Many thanks for all this info Daniel. I'm just packing now to go into  
the heat of battle.

I tried a few test shots yesterday, which seemed OK, but the lens is  
very slow. As I'm inside for actors/theatre work I am slightly  
concerned, but am hoping the subjects won't mind the light cranked up  
a bit. I suppose I'd better set the ASA at 400 or more.

Only major concern I had when looking at the shots, was that the  
blacks contained white specks (artifacts?)

Size wise, I'm also thinking of using JPEG setting in Fine. I presume  
I can make TIFF copies in CS.

My 'standard' lens is the 18-70. It is slow and I'm finding I'm not  
getting the ultra sharp handhelds I need, but we'll see.

Just got to look at medium or large image size now.

I knew I should have read that manual!!:-)

Cheers, Matt

On 07/06/2005, at 3:25 PM, Daniel Ridings wrote:

> Matt Morgan wrote:
>> My question is to do with settings on the D70 to get optimum  
>> quality.  I really haven't learnt much about the camera as I use  
>> it as the  usual spray gun for the kids etc.
> Program setting for exposure, matrix metering and RAW will get you  
> very very far.
>> Any thoughts on the quality of the D70 and it's standard zoom lens?
> I don't know what you mean by "standard". Before I left on my trip,  
> I picked up a 18-70 consumer (Nikkor) zoom for my D100. In my  
> opinion, it's a beauty. A real beauty.
> At one of the hotels I'm kind of a known character. The white guy  
> who likes to take pictures. The whole staff turned out in the  
> morning while I was waiting for my ride. I only got one take on  
> most of them, sometimes two if I thought they blinked. So here's a  
> machine gun portrait sessions with the standard zoom wide-open:
> Don't worry about RAW. Do not shoot in TIFF. There is no reason too  
> and it takes up too much time and space on your cards. Photoshop  
> can handle the RAW's just fine (at least for me). It gives you a  
> chance to tweak the color balance and exposure if needed. If not  
> needed, just shoot in JPEG.
> Best,
> Daniel Ridings
> (still tired, just got back)
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