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Subject: [Leica] I have returned finally... an older dude.
From: miki at (MIKIRO)
Date: Fri May 6 08:28:20 2005
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Hi, Albfie.

Welcome back. I myself returned here after a 3 year break. Here are some 
of my 0.02 worth things. First, I, as a dedicated R-D1 user, think its 
image quality is better than you imagine. You may want to read comments 
of real users (not only of critics). Second, the new Zeiss lens series 
appear to have fingerprints similar to those of Contax G lenses. They 
share the same Zeiss DNA, regardless of who make them, Cosina or 
Kyocera. This is what I feel after using a new Planar 50mm for a while. 
I am now interested in Biogon 25mm.

Happy shooting.


Albert Wang wrote:
> Hi Leica-folks,
> Perhaps you may not have remembered me but it's Alfie
> Wang again. After taking a rather long break from
> photography for about 1 year (mostly due to Sal
> diMarco's passing away and losing a mentor), I have
> managed to return here. (Although I'm still rather
> single, that hasn't changed). And well I have managed
> to keep only my Leica M6 and R8 in my outfit and begin
> shooting again.
> However, this time I don't live in Philly (or the East
> Coast). I live in Salt Lake City and well it's lonely
> out there. I don't see a single Leica M shooter and I
> guess that I am the only one around here shooting with
> the red dot.
> Since last time I was here, I didn't have much of a
> workflow studio. Now I have a Powerbook G4, 2 iBooks,
> and a Powermac G3, all of which I plan to use for
> photo and video editing (and I just learned a little
> about Final Cut Pro). I hope to get some new Mac photo
> editing program and most likely will stick to PE3.0.
> Yep, things have changed. But some things never do. At
> least, I feel like a more mature photographer and
> willing to explore new ideas which is a good thing.
> And not too idealistic either.
> Well, since I have been out of the loop for some time,
> I caught on the Leica spiel by going to
> Apparently it seems like digital has started to take
> over the Leica world. I read Erwin Puts' article about
> the Epson RD1 digital M-body and was surprisingly
> disappointed at the resolution. For cropping,
> apparently the softness of the image was what startled
> me compared to film. I am saddened that the expensive
> body seems to be more for convenience rather than
> being of much practical or professional use. Too bad.
> However, the most exciting development is the new
> Zeiss Ikon M series! I thought woohoo. I don't have
> anything against the Voigtlander stuff but certainly
> the fact that Zeiss is abandoning the Contax G (not
> even digital yet) system and focusing on creating
> M-compatible lenses and bodies is an awesome thing.
> The Zeiss Ikon M looks like a cool beans sort of thing
> since it's a much cheaper version of the overpriced
> M7. It's great that Cosina is improving a lot and the
> lenses look sweet even the 50 Planar.
> I was just wondering, how similar are the Contax G
> lenses and the Zeiss M lenses?
> Just wanted to drop by and say hi to all my old
> buddies here.
> thanx, Alfie Wang

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