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Subject: [Leica] Seeking a new 50 - Buying Tips
From: vondauster at (Will von Dauster)
Date: Fri Mar 25 21:16:36 2005
References: <429B89BA414C264A93A2407056F9B93222217A@jughead.TheHearth.local>

Dan Colucci made some good points, but if I may add my two cents 

> 2.  60% of the above lenses will also have cleaning marks.  The soft 
> coating Leica used does not stand up well.  I would avoid any lens 
> with heavy marks, as resale will be difficult and flare may be more of 
> a problem then some of these lenses already have !

As has been mentioned here a few years back, John van Stelton in 
Colorado can re-coat these older lenses, with excellent results. I had 
a ratty collapsible Summicron redone about 14 years ago by him, and it 
came out flawless. In other words, if the lens can be had cheaply 
enough, and the marks are clearly coating marks and not gouges in the 
glass itself, it may be worth having it cleaned and recoated.

> 2. Later Summicron's, post mid 70's seem to have less of an issue with 
> haze and cleaning marks.  I have never seen the current version have 
> haze ( maybe its just not old enough yet )

More modern lubricants, probably.

Will von Dauster

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