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Subject: [Leica] Seeking a new 50 - Buying Tips
From: rangefinder at (Didier Ludwig)
Date: Sat Mar 26 10:34:24 2005
References: <429B89BA414C264A93A2407056F9B93222217A@jughead.TheHearth.local>

It's true that clean old collapsible Leitz lenses are rare as white 
elephants - but there's a way to CLA them.

I had found, for less than $50, a collapsible 50 summicron with scratched 
coating, some very light haze and dust inside and a corroded, very stiff 
focus ring. After a CLA at, the glass is now 
astonishingly clear and clean except 1 little dust spec inside (not in the 
centre, should not affect picture quality); and the focus ring is still 
slightly stiff, but is getting better and better with using. CLA incl. 
recoating and 2 shippings costed $300.

Seen this way, it's not impossible to have a clean collapsible 
summicron/summar/summitar for a reasonable price.


>1. Almost every Summar, Summitar, Summarit, Coll Summicron, D/R Summicron 
>and Rigid ( same formula as DR ), have some level of haze inside from 
>Leica's lube.  (...)
>2.  60% of the above lenses will also have cleaning marks.  The soft 
>coating Leica used does not stand up well.  (...)

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