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Subject: [Leica] Seeking a new 50 - Buying Tips
From: colucci at (Dan Colucci)
Date: Fri Mar 25 16:16:49 2005

1. Almost every Summar, Summitar, Summarit, Coll Summicron, D/R Summicron 
and Rigid ( same formula as DR ), have some level of haze inside from 
Leica's lube.  Please dont email me you found/bought a perfect one of these 
lenses - if you did it was pure chance - I have owned/purchased/traded/sold 
probably 60 of these lenses and I would say I found some level of haze in 
90% of them.  So, first tip - allow $ 100 to have Sherry clean your lens.
2.  60% of the above lenses will also have cleaning marks.  The soft coating 
Leica used does not stand up well.  I would avoid any lens with heavy marks, 
as resale will be difficult and flare may be more of a problem then some of 
these lenses already have !
2. Later Summicron's, post mid 70's seem to have less of an issue with haze 
and cleaning marks.  I have never seen the current version have haze ( maybe 
its just not old enough yet )
3. On the used market, one probably cant do better than the current version 
summi. for an all around performer at all apertures...  With a good search, 
you can find for $ 600 or less.
4.  Buy from a fellow Leica nut - not a retail dealer - as Leica nuts will 
tell you every nick, dust spot, and cleaning mark that may exist...


From: on behalf of Don Dory
Sent: Fri 3/25/2005 4:57 PM
To: 'Leica Users Group'
Subject: RE: [Leica] Seeking a new 50

The dual range focuses down just inside 1 meter without the eyes.  Yes,
the second generation "rigid" Summicron is supposed to be the same
formula, or maybe not as we had that discussion four or five years ago.
The rigid version seems a little harder to come by which is why I didn't
mention it.

The second 50 Summilux has made a lot of photographers happy for many
years.  I wouldn't say penultimate, but a very solid performance.  The
fall off does disappear as you stop down to 5.6-8.

Purchasing a used Leica or whatever lens is pretty straightforward.  If
you are not an expert, then trade with good people.  Some who have done
well in the past would include your fellow LUG members on their for sale
Friday, Tamarkin, Rich Pinto at PhotoVillage, KEH, Central Camera in
Chicago, Jake at Blue Moon Camera out west, Sam Shoshan at Classic
Connection, Kevin at Kevin's Cameras, B&H if you can get to the store as
their grading is a little loose.  That auction site is also a good place
I've heard, but there have been a lot of very loosely graded equipment
sold lately.

I did not put the current Summicron on the list because I knew others
would tout it, the older models can be acquired at less expense, you
wanted a faster lens, and for some reason I almost never pick mine up.
If I don't use it, I would not recommend it even if I don't know why.


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Thanks for the thoughful reply. How closely does the DR focus
without the "eyes" ? 

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