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Subject: [Leica] Kirk Enterprises
From: dpost at (Dan Post)
Date: Thu Sep 23 06:02:28 2004
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Tim Atherton wrote:

>Once more I just came up against the shipping US to Canada problem and a
>business that isn't interested in accommodating their customers
>I wanted a collar to slip into my Arca Ball Head when it has the 8x10 on it
>to prevent "slippage" while it's being carried.
>I found Kirk Enterprises makes the one I had seen in the past. Just the
>thing - $24.95. Well,  a week after placing the order they got back to me -
>shipping via Fedex would be $23.40 - this is for what must be a bout a 2oz
>piece of plastic. (on top of which, based on past experience, Fedex will
>charge upwards of $20.00 to collect $2.25 in tax).
>When contacted, they aren't interested in shipping via USPS Air Mail
>So, anyone else know who makes such a gizmo - or who retails the Kirk one
>(otherwise, I'm happy to do without...)
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information
Sounds fishy! I sent a 16X20 Saunders Easel to a chap in Alberta, Canada 
from the hinterlands of North Carolina via FedEx International 
Ground.... Granted, it cost $34 and change, but then again, the package 
weighed 40 pounds!
$23.40 for a 2 oz. package sounds like someone wants to make a profit on 
shipping and handling! (reminds me of some folks on the "auction site 
that shall remain un-named" that sell at a great price, but charge $20 
for USPS Priorotiy Mail that cost $4.85 plus the box!) I don't think 
FedEx is totally to blame! I do prefer them to UPS as I have not had to 
pay any brokerage fees with them- as I used to have to do with UPS, and 
FedEx International Ground was the cheapest way, too. The guy got his 
easel within a week, as well!

Bst of light to you,

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