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Subject: Re. [Leica] Conformity in Athens NOW BEING A SHOOTER!
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Mon Aug 30 05:05:53 2004

On 8/30/04 2:11 AM, "Frank Dernie" <> typed:

> I don't know Mike. Does he cover the world championship or does he
> specialise in a particular domestic or other series? I have never, in
> the 30 years I have worked in the Motor Sports business, ever seen one
> of the telyt lenses, in fact, on reflection, I think the only one I
> have ever seen is mine!
> cheers
> Frank
> On 29 Aug, 2004, at 16:02, Doug Herr wrote:
>> on 8/29/04 1:26 AM, FRANK DERNIE at wrote:


But I don't think the real issue here is is to which percent of one percent
of the market Leica has in sports photography or does Canon own it.
It's obvious the majority goes to canon and Leica's are few and far between.
To say Nikon also has NO presence as well I think is really going way to far
but who cares and I have no way of knowing for sure?

Sports or Press photography does not equal professional photography.

It IS professional photography obviously.
But it is not the SUM of professional photography.

It's a very visible but very small part of professional photography.
The bulk of it is done with Nikons and Hasselblads and other medium format
systems. And other 35mm systems Leica M and R included.
And sheet film of more than a few sizes.
And digital large and medium format. Tethered and un tethered.
Tripoded and handheld.
Flashed and natural lighted.

The peer group pressure in the press corps does not get transferred directly
to all the myriad facets of the people out there shooting for cash in the
hundreds of ways this gets done. Some of these people have minds of their
own and their own ideas on the proper tools to make an image.

And that was the original statement of the thread.
Peter saw all these white lenses in the press crowd has Canon taken over the
pro market?

Pro press guys maybe.

Press photography is very interesting and I've done a fair amount of it.
But so is events photography, fashion and glamour, fine art, product table
tops, portraiture for families or musicians actors dancers singers insurance
salesman, interiors, industrial, theatrical.
These are forms of photography I've also had a bit more experience in and
from what I've recently read has NOT been taken over by Canon or any other
company in the last 5, 10 or 15 years.
Sure 15 years ago it was 90 percent Nikon Hasselblad.
I think now it's about half Nikon Hasselblad.

There was a big article lately on how Time magazine photographers have been
spotted shooting with Speed Graphics and other workable classic relics.
In the white house I think.

These are not photo bugs.
These are people working for Time. They need to get a saleable image which
tells a story and sells a magazine and they are not going to constrain
themselves to some new limited trend in micromoters to not get the shot.
The shot needs to be brought back thick or thin.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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