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Subject: [Leica] NOW BEING A SHOOTER!
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sun Aug 29 17:00:24 2004

I'm not a long tele lens shooter but am squarely situated in the short lens
department. And proud of it. Cant think of if I've ever done a sports job.
Maybe it was in a previous lifetime with a Speed Graphic.

When I make money it's usually with a 90 in the case of my Leicas.
Or a 105 or 85 for many years in the case of my Nikons with film and non AF.

Or a 120 or 180 in the case of Hasselblad. (used to be a 150)

As I've posted many times before I have two M6's and can have a current
Elmarit 90 on one and an APO ASPH Summicron 90 on the other.
So I don't run out of film or need two kind film.

I'd kill for the new collapsible 90 and will not sell what I've got to get

I envision my 50 Summicron turning into my all around most useful short tele
when I go digital with the R1-D1 Epson digital body.
This would make for a 75 I think. Which should be long enough.
My 90's turn into 135's which I'd normally put on for tight head shots.
...of people with flawless completions and no wrinkles...
In other words never.

And right now when shooting digital in the studio with my D100 I seem to
have the 60 macro stuck on the camera. This gives me my 90.
But have zoom options which I particularly don't like as they are either go
way to wide or way to tele to feel right to me in a moral sense.

I'm waiting for a 50 to 135 zoom.
Which gives me a 75 to 200. Although this would only work on the Epson R2D2
with the zoom finder due out in the year 2525.
So it goes on the Nikon. If I don't sell those.


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