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Subject: [Leica] Why a digital M
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Tue Jul 13 06:47:50 2004

Reasonable? Switch sensors at "nominal cost?" Come on guys, get real. I
wouldn't expect any company to do that - upgrade the firmware for free?
Sure. But not the sensor.

Face it - what they give you is what you get. And what they're going to
give you is going to be VERY pricey and far from ideal. It may be 'good
enough' for what you want to do, and the price may not deter you. So buy
it and use it in good health. But don't expect anything at a give-away
price; don't expect any real innovation; and don't expect a camera that
is up to the top digital standards at the time of release. ;-)

B. D.

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This sounds like a reasonable if somewhat complicated approach, but it's
not a bad idea if Leica want to stem the tide of defection. But who
knows? It may already be too late, as B.D. has recently suggested...



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Subject: [Leica] Why a digital M

In a message dated 7/12/04 7:23:50 PM,

<< to put it really bluntly, why would anyone in his or her right mind
pay 5500K - for example - for an "M" body when for the same amount of
money he or she could buy an 8 mpg Canon Eos MkII and an array of
Canon's best lenses? >>
If Leica Solms wants to jump into the digital sea with an M, then let
frames show the standard film lenses with the APS sensor subframes and
to buyers that Leica will update the sensor frame to full 35mm at
nominal cost 
when it becomes available. So the digital M would have modular

>From personal experience with the fast D70 and standard Nikkor film 
found that the APS sized sensor can produce professional quality images.
present full 35mm frame 13MP sensor used in the Kodak 14n leaves a lot
to be

desired from reports I've read. The Kodak 14n is rather ponderous. 


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