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Subject: [Leica] outdoor portraiture - flashmeter question again.
From: tom at (Tom Smart)
Date: Sun Apr 25 12:20:27 2004

Try metering your flash indoors and make a note of how far away you need to
be for each f-stop.  I made a chart and taped it to my flash head.  But you
could tie knots into a rope at each f-stop distance and when you get onto
location you need to be as far away as the f5.6 knot.  The knots might be
calibrated slightly wrong for outdoor use because the indoor ceiling might
increase the power of the flash compared to outdoor use, but for fill flash
this will be good enough.


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Subject: [Leica] outdoor portraiture - flashmeter question again.

I am trying to meter my flash for outdoor portrait work.
I am using - Sekonic flashmeter (very basic model), a vivitar 283 with
varipower dial, my R7 , and TCN film (400ASA).

Ambient light meters f8 , 1/125s
Now - I am trying to get flash output of one stop less, but when I meter the
flash (at any output setting) I only get reading of f8 or greater.
Now this makes sense to me, because the meter 'sees' and meters the ambient
+ flash output.
Seems to me that the flashmeter can't isolate the brief spike of flash

What is comes down to is : How can I isolate and meter the flash output in a
bright light setting?
Setting the meter to higher shutter speeds helps a bit, but it is still
generally overwhelmed by the bright ambient light.

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