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Subject: RE: [Leica] PWIFLIs--Dinner with Parents
From: "Phong" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 13:27:45 -0400

Bulk loading only partially solves a small part of the equation:
money.  (And thanks, Bill, for generously helping me with that solution).

Even a bigger problem than money is time.  Yesterday,
I shot about 200 shots, probably end up with 20 keepers
or less.  If I used film, I would have to process the film,
make contact sheets or proofs, or scan which could
be even more time consuming.

Digital gives you more than time.  While I still prefer
the look from film in some cases, digital capture is
appealing to me in that it shortens the feedback cyle
in the learning process tremendously.  You can shoot
and proof a large number of images in a very short time.
I believe I learn much faster with digital than with film.
And that is the greatest benefit of digital.

My wish is that I have 1 hr neighborhood photolab that
could process film and produce high quality scan.  Another
possibility is to use slides and set up my own automated
film processing for that.  Either of those 2 solutions
will solve the time equation for me.

As someone mentioned, you may be too critical; you captured
the expressions and the moment succesfully.  The photos are very good
and I believe, convey the intended message, unless the intended
message is digital sucks :-)

- - Phong

Bill Harting wrote:
> I like the pictures, the spontaneity of taking them and the apparent
> willingness to fire away, which I think is one of the great virtues of
> digital: shoot away and discard the chaff. Works with film, too, which for
> me is one of the virtues of bulk loading, buth that's another thread.
> bill h

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