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Subject: [Leica] Asking permission, KISS & the decisive moment
From: Howard Sanner <>
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 00:55:30 -0400

	This is something I've thought about for a while. B.D. Colen's and Ted Grant's exchange about taking pictures at Starbucks just
pushed me over the edge. <g> (BTW, I agree that Aaron really "got it.")

	As I understand it, photographing the decisive moment is an attempt to make a snapshot art by capturing people at a telling in
their daily or life's activities. (This is not meant as a criticism of anyone or any style photography. It is just the best way
I've come up with to express my understanding of what constitutes "traditional Leica photography." I will be happy for
correction, either of fact or phrasing.)

	This leads to a philosophical question. If you ask permission to photograph someone, how does that affect the "decisive
moment"? Doesn't the photograph then become, at least to some degree, posed and studied, and, in equal measure, no longer a
"slice of life" (a "less-than-decisive moment")?

	Though I'm breaking out the Nomex underwear because I suspect this'll push plenty of people's buttons, it isn't a troll or
flame bait. It is, just what I said, a philosophical point I've pondered for a while now. I know that like other philosophical
questions it has no real answer; however, I'd be very interested to read the opinions of those who practice this sort of
photography. I also admit that whatever talent I have for photography most assuredly doesn't lie in this area.


					Howard Sanner
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