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Subject: RE: [Leica] Rottweiler attack
From: "Derek Zeanah" <>
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 11:09:32 -0400

>> Why weren't you carrying a gun?
>Because he's not a paranoid asshole?

Ouch.  Was that really called for?  A few years ago something like 70%
of the males in the town I lived in had a carry permit, according to the
people at the courthouse (Dalton, GA).  Then I moved to Macon, GA, where
it was closer to 40%.  I live in Savannah now, which is something of a
yankee-haven, so the percentage is probably a little bit lower than
normal for this part of the country.

In some parts of the country it's considered prudent to take steps to be
able to protect yourself and those you love.

As an aside, I generally don't carry a gun (though I'm licensed to).  If
a Rottweiler had tried to tear into *my* dog, or my wife, or me while I
was out, however, I would have sliced it open without thinking.  I'd use
my large-ish pocket knife (3" blade) that I regularly carry.

It's what you *do* in this sort of situation.  At least, it's what a
rational human being with enough foresight to prepare for these types of
situations would do.

>What are you going to do if you get a brain tumor, DonR, shoot it?

If it a brain tumor, I'd get my wife's referral to a competent
neurosurgeon.  If it was a loose screw, I'd use a screwdriver.  If it's
low-light candids I'll use an M6.

If it were a damn *rottweiler* that was after *blood*, I would have
killed it.  Then I'd use the legal system to force the owner to take
responsibility for his uncontrolled animals.

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