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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Kids and Rocks and Trees
From: Marc Attinasi <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 22:08:31 -0800
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I hope Eric keeps posting pictures of his daughter.  I take at least 50 
pictures of my daughter a week, and when my new daughter is born, 
Wednesday at 2:00pm, I will be taking hundreds and probably even 
foisting a few upon the list.  Very many of Eric's shots are great, and 
they make me smile - what could be better?

BUT, I must state my difference of opinion with Sonny about the merits 
of landscape shots. Photographs are many things - documents, reflections 
of reality, distortions of reality, contemplative pieces, humorous 
pieces, political statements, enigmatic pieces...  People are very 
complex and provide a lot of opportunities, but environmental pieces - 
landscapes, abstracts and the like - give us a chance for some inner 
calm, some quiet reflection, a meditative reprieve.

I'm thinking of the shot Sonny had of the flag reflection in the water - 
with and without the ducks - it had no people in it and it was wonderful 

Picture people do require special effort, and so do good pictures that 
have no people!

OK, back to the darkroom now.
- - marc

Sonny Carter wrote:

>er.. Eric.
>As I've said before. This is not a contest and there are no rules.  Pictures
>of people, (especially wee ones) are far better than pictures of trees and
>Pictures of sunsets and trees and rocks are just our documentation of how
>well God did his job.
>People pictures require special effort.

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