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Subject: Re: [Leica] Photos: Some preliminary Scala (and others)
From: Marc Attinasi <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 21:55:36 -0800
References: <> <010701c1a14b$e68cf0a0$bd3afea9@oemcomputer>

Don, thanks for your comments!  

Scala is wonderful film, but I am still getting the hang of it.  It 
behaves more like Ektachrome than B&W negative film, that is for sure. 
On this shoot I would have been better off with some Delta 100 or even 
Plus-X I think, as I had a very wide luminosity range and, shooting the 
Heliar 15, no split density filters to tame the sky.  Photoshop is 
another possibility, but again, I'm still getting the hang of it  too.

Thanks especially for your comment about the other B&W image, of the 
other people on the top of the peak.  It is hard to tell, but there is a 
woman taking a snap of her friends - I thought that would be neat, but 
it is hard to see.  I kind of like the super-high perspective, but I 
understand what you say with respect to the relationship between the 
photog and the subjects.  That is something I have to be more cognizant 
of when I compose.

I threw in the tree shots (from an OM-1n) because I know how much the 
LUG participants love tree shots ;-)  Manzanita is really cool.

Back to work on taming the Scala!  

Thanks again,
- - marc

Don Dory wrote:

>Scala is a wonderful film isn't it?  Your primary image does a good job of
>conveying humans small scale in the landscape.  The composition is effective
>and the exposure is fair.  I say fair as the sky is blown out in the upper
>right and the figure is a little dark.  Perhaps some gradients or layers
>work will bring out the detail.
>The other images are less effective, to me, especially the image of the
>people shot from above precisely because the photographer is in such a
>dominant position.
>Don Dory

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