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Subject: Re: [Leica] Bessa T Conspiracy
From: Isaac Crawford <>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 15:53:05 -0500
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Stephen Gandy wrote:
> Marc James Small wrote:
> > AThe problem with your point, John, is that LHSA IS, after all, the "Leica
> > Historical Society of America", as opposed to the "Cosina Hysterical
> > Society of America".  Steve's point is well taken.

But this isn't public office or anything... Why can't he write about
Leica compatible products that fill niches that Leica has not? It is the
Leica historical society... but what if someone wants to use a 25mm lens
on their IIIf? Throw him out of LHSA! He obviously doesn't toe the Leica
line..:-) LOL! I really don't understand the fuss, Cosina has, in a
matter of just a couple of years, given us a great screw mount system,
one that will give you modern results from your old camera? What's wrong
with that?
> > We EXPECT to have Leica
> > flacks in our midst.  But Tom Abrahamson has obtained a favourable position
> > within the LHSA which he uses to flog Cosina products.  And, as the song
> > says, "this ain't right".

How Paranoid are you? Tom doesn't sell the things, he just likes them. 

> Marc...hmm...were you out shooting the day your law school covered freedom of
> speech ?
> Organizations like LHSA are run by rules and by laws.  In the unlikely event
> there is some sort of regulation in LHSA preventing members from being
> enthusiastic about a non-Leica product, please be  kind enough to quote it.
> If there isn't such a regulation, and you feel the need for one, perhaps you
> could sponsor it and get it passed at the next LHSA meeting.    Or perhaps you
> could run for  LHSA office on such a platform.
> Until such censorship becomes part of LHSA (rather unlikely in my opinion),  you
> probably will see enthusiastic reviews of new Cosina Voigtlander Leica Mount
> products at a fraction of the cost,  while Leica fights for profitability to keep
> itself  from producing Hermes handbags.    If Tom wasn't writing about
> Voigtlander, somebody else would be ... remember the article on the Voigtlander
> double shoe adapters by Ed  -- the editor of the Leica Catalog ?    Tom is doing
> LHSA members a service by providing useful information on quality, lower priced
> Leica compatible products.   Not everyone can afford, or wants to pay, Leica's
> not inexpensive prices.      Like any other article, if you don't like it, you
> don't have to read it.
> Tom is NOT a paid Cosina consultant,  regardless of what any paranoids might
> think, or want to believe.   I wouldn't mind being a paid Cosina consultant,
> unfortunately I'm not.
> Stephen Gandy

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