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Subject: Re: [Leica] Bessa T Conspiracy
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:55:49 -0500
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> Tom is NOT a paid Cosina consultant,  regardless of what any paranoids might
> think, or want to believe.   I wouldn't mind being a paid Cosina consultant,
> unfortunately I'm not.
> Stephen Gandy

Am I missing something here? Is there one iota of evidence to suggest
that Tom A. is somehow in the pocket of Cosina, other than the fact that
they are smart enough to give him their products to play with, knowing
that he is a Leica enthusiast and shooter highly regarded in Leica
circles? Is there one iota of evidence more to suggest that he is any
more a paid consultant of Cosina than there is to suggest that Erwin
Putts is a paid consultant of Leica - and, NO, I am not suggesting that
Erwin is paid by Leica. But...think about it for a minute, folks:

Erwin has never met a Leica product he doesn't like. He has virtually
never met a new Leica lens that isn't superior to its predecessors;

Tom has been enthusiastic about Cosina's new offerings, as have many
other LUGers, and has written and spoken highly of them. He uses them,
along with his Leica equipment.

So what is the difference between Tom and Erwin, other than the fact
that Tom invented and produces the LEICA M winder so many of you swear
by, and Tom created the soft release that so many of us say makes our
Leica M cameras much more reliable at low shutter speeds. Oh, and that
Tom developed and produces a grip for the Leica M cameras?

Are people so damn blinded by the glare of the Red Dot that they confuse
open-mindness with corruption?

Good God, get some black tape and go take photos.

B. D. Colen

P. S. I own and am very pleased with the Cosina 50 1.5 and Cosina 75. I
use them on an M6 body, along with a Leica 35 ASPH 1.4. I do not own any
other Cosina equipment, and I am not on the company payroll. (But I'd
love to be, as someone already said they would.:-) )


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