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Subject: [Leica] Experimenting with the iPhone
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2016 14:11:05 -0400

My problem with being out taking pictures with a sub-format camera format
regardless of what that camera is disguised as is that I'm going to take a
super good picture with it. I'd dread that.  I could make the exposure of my
life and on a chunk of film the size of my fingernail  And the lens may not
be so great either..  Do I show it to anybody?  What do I do with it other
that wish I'd shot it with a real camera? Because with my luck if I stick it
on the Lug Gallery or a Facebook gallery someone's going to order it.
Someone's going to want to hang in a gallery with other photographs next to
it and with my name underneath it.  Or over their sofa. And I'm going to
hope they want that print to be way small for a back room. Not sofa sized.
Me I'd rather not shoot something at all then shoot it half assed.
I'm not trying to make my life simple not carrying a camera with me. I don't
need to always have my iPhone in my hand shining its light on my face as I
hit keys with both thumbs with a blissful smile on my face.  I like a full
frame sensor camera in my hand with a real nice lens on it.  I just took my
28 1.8 off which has been on all week and put a 60 Macro on. Both lenses are
heavy as hell on the camera and not compact.  One of them is a near legend.
But the camera goes into the side bag I always carry with a book in it and
my keys and other sundry items. Pills. Pens. A nice sized Moleskin booklet.
They're all always with me wherever I go.
I'd like a Leica Q. I have smaller side bags I take to the movies.
I recall getting a cool panoramic with my iPhone once. I could do more of
these the file size was bigger than what I usually get with my DSLR. I'd
love to get into video and am thinking about getting one which fits in the
palm of my hand.

On 9/20/16 10:01 AM, "George Lottermoser" <george.imagist at> 

> I wonder how many "photographers" said exactly the same thing re: the 
> Leica I.
> Weegee was still using his 4x5 Speed Graphic 20 years after the Leica I was
> introduced.
> Definitely interesting stuff in interesting times.
> I just love it all. From my new pocket camera with 4 interchangeable lens
> choices; that can now shoot RAW. To the fact that I can still acquire some
> form of 4x5 PN film for one of my remaining 3 4x5 monorail cameras. 8x10
> portrait camera sits in the dining room; at the ready. M6 TTL and R8 Film
> cameras still around. Hasselblad film backs and digital back. M8, M (240), 
> MM,
> DMR. What a great time to be playing in the fields of photography.
> a note off the iPad, George
> On Sep 19, 2016, at 8:45 PM, Mark Rabiner <mark at> wrote:
>> These picture look fine. But I will continue to make sure I have a real
>> camera with me at all times.
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Mark William Rabiner

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