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Subject: [Leica] (SPAM: ?) Re: BIG new Leica - TINA
From: john at (John McMaster)
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2015 09:22:44 +0100
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Mark, why do you seem to have to diss all other photographers? So a 42MP
camera will give 'little photos' compared to your all powerful 12MP? As
George has said, there are my different streams of professional photography
and you only seem to have experience of a few of them.

Personally, if I was commissioning something I would be less worried about
somebody using a Sony A7Rii (with good lenses) than I would if they turned
up with an elderly D700 ;-)


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From: Mark Rabiner

A shame I cant click on their little names and look at their little photos
so she how legit they don't look!!  Became usually when you read this kind
of stuff  ( supposedly legit photographers using half assed consumer cameras
of no track record ) its second rate wedding photographers who design
software during the week and its all wonderfully fuzzy and romantic and next
month they'll be trying out the newest camera concept that everyone's gotta

On 10/26/15 12:36 PM, "George Lottermoser" <george.imagist at>

> On Oct 22, 2015, at 9:11 PM, Aram Langhans wrote:
>> My friend who owns ImageOne in Riverside said Sony is selling like 
>> gangbusters over Nikon and Canon.  He has many pro's coming in and 
>> jumping ship to use the Sony mirrorless.  He should know as it is his
>> Aram
>> Aram Langhans
>> (Semi) Retired  Science Teacher
>> & Unemployed photographer
>> ?The Human Genome Project has proved Darwin more right than Darwin
>> would ever have dared dream.?   James D. Watson
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>> From: Mark Rabiner [mailto:mark at]
>> Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2015 2:37 PM
>> To: Leica Users Group <lug at>
>> Subject: [Leica] (SPAM: ?) Re: BIG new Leica - TINA
>> Someone mentioned in the many reviews coming out somthign to the tune 
>> of "have you ever used an mirrorless camera before?" as it might be a 
>> big of a shock we're used to cameras on our faces for decades not 
>> being held out in front of us.
>> I don't belive they are catching on with serious users and pros like 
>> gang busters. Somewhere I'm sure there must be list of serious pros 
>> whose names ring a bell who use them now but I cant Bing nor Google it
>> I did read a thing "44 percent of all pros have switched to 
>> mirrorless" on sights selling computer flash drives.
> Throwing the word "pro" around feels akin to talking about "birds."
> What kind of bird or pro?
> Portrait? Wedding? Studio: fashion, still life, product, catalog?
> Photo Journalist? Fine Art? Scientific? University?
> Newspaper Magazine? Editorial? Advertising?
> I know two professional photographers
> (individuals who earn their keep making photographs) who have switched 
> from Nikon kits to Olympus mirror-less kits.
> One who has switched from Wedding/Event work to travel; so wants the 
> smaller and lighter and sees no reduction in quality.
> And the other - I'm not sure why he switched.
> He uses a medium format solution for most of his "Commercial" work; 
> and mixes formats for Event work.
> Regards,
> George Lottermoser

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