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Subject: [Leica] BIG new Leica
From: boulanger.croissant at (Peter Klein)
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2015 21:54:35 -0700
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Mark, I just checked my flickr feed, which is where I post the pictures I
think are reasonably good. I have 1,427 photos there. Of those, 431 were
taken with a Leica M8.  I last posted some just a couple of months ago.
Here they are (may take some time to load): at 

Unlike the M9 family, my M8 will not have to go back to Leica to take the
cure for sensor rot disease. I've taken over 10,000 frames with it since I
bought it in 2007. I would have even more frames on it had I not been
forced to mostly shoot mirrorless for about a year and a half due to
"frozen shoulders," when I needed my kit to be as light and convenient as
possible if I was to shoot at all.

The M8 is still quite viable. Terrible defects? Those were more about
Internet noise and "Leica should be perfect" hysteria than they were
unsolvable photographic issues. The IR debacle was embarassing, but y'know
what?  I bought a few IR filters when I got the camera. Problem solved.  I
accepted the fact that it was a crop sensor camera.  Big bleeping deal.
It's not quite as cropped as the APS-C cameras that a vast majority of
other photographers (including many professionals) used and still use.

I am not crying about how deficient my M8 is. My only major complaints are
the loud shutter, and that low-light work is limited to ISO 640. Beyond
that, it is as good as I need in a color RF camera. And I can get now a
decent ISO 1250-2500 with an (admittedly fiddly) Service Menu trick that
accesses uncompressed Raw file mode.

Yeah, I bought a used Monochrom recently. And I do shoot Olympus mirrorless
for convenience, weight and versatility.  But I still have the M8, and I
still plan on using it.


On Sat, Oct 24, 2015 at 7:40 PM, Doug Herr <wildlightphoto at>

> Mark Rabiner wrote:
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> >The last time anyone posted a shot taken with an M8 was when?
> >There are about none in use.
> >
> 75% of statistics are made up on the spot.
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