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Subject: [Leica] Some Sony A7R sample with M lenses
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 19:47:37 -0500

Never mind.

On 11/20/13 7:08 PM, "George Lottermoser" <george.imagist at> 

> On Nov 20, 2013, at 5:19 PM, Mark Rabiner wrote:
>> George we both know that over the decades many of the really finest wides
>> give you noticeable vignetting  wide open there was a burgeoning market 
>> for
>> center filters costing 2 or 3 hundred bucks which everybody bought without
>> even thinking and many were sold with the filters included.
>> The fact is light has to travel way longer to reach the corners of the 
>> image
>> than in the center. Even true with retrofocal wides but classic for
>> symmetrical designs.
>> And then there's shooting a landscape wide open with an ultra wide that's 
>> an
>> eyebrow raiser right there. Landscape photography is not street 
>> photography
>> with the light poles being trees.
>> Stopping down is a first thought as is using a tripod.
>> That fact that all vignetting goes away when you stop down a few is very
>> heartening for this guy.
>> Personally I like vignetting-  I would buy an edge darkening filter if 
>> they
>> made one.
> If you download the full files
> and examine them
> you'll see that it's not simply a light fall-off, dark corner vignette 
> issue.
> The corners are grossly out of focus and smeared.
> And we're looking at and talking about a 35 mm lens
> not a 28, 24, 21, 18, 16 or 12 here.
> So far the optical results of Leica 50 mm and wider
> are simply coming in as unacceptable
> (when compared to the same lenses used on an M9, MM or M)
> To buy premium f:1.4 lenses
> and not be able to use them until f5.6 and 8
> and see diffraction at f: 8
> does not make the A7r desirable for use with Leica glass.
> It may work extremely well with the Zeiss glass
> and some of the longer Leica glass
> though that's not my only interest
> as most of my M shooting is with 28 cron asph and 50 lux asph
> So this is a simple fact.
> Regards,
> George Lottermoser
> george at
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Mark William Rabiner

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