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Subject: [Leica] Facebook privacy
From: billcpearce at (Bill Pearce)
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 11:43:10 -0500
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RE user interfaces and other such things, I have recently completely a book, 
The Inmates are Running the Asylum by Alan Cooper. Although interesting and 
informative, Mr. Cooper is in need of an editor, but the content is worth 
the experience. He explains why software is such a mess (and isn't it all?) 
and how to fix things, although he has  a fatalistic attitude about the 
possibility of actually achieving success. All in all worth reading.


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Maybe it is my typical British reserve but I find Facebook intrusive and 
obnoxious. My son "joined me" when our first grandchild was born, so we 
could see pictures of her. It has been nice to be able to see them, and 
subsequent ones (we now have 6).
OTOH I find it horribly intrusive, the user interface written by a child and 
the idea of sharing every nuance of my existence with God knows who 
offensive in the extreme.
I haven't posted a photo there for several years.
It has a small utility to me in keeping up with snaps of relatives abroad. I 
check it for about 15 minutes once a fortnight.
I would barely miss it if it were to cease to exist.

I loathe Twitter as well. Freedom of speech I support, anonimity breeds a 
freedom to post bullying and obscene messages which a substantial number of 
obnoxious people seem to take joy in excercising.

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>"Mark Rabiner" <mark at> contributed
>> Most not all of the people who keep Facebook at a big  limited arms 
>> length
>> are the same ones who otherwise marginalize themselves constantly with 
>> anti
>> social personality you name it modes of behavior. The facebook paranoia
>> syndrome is a big red flag on that.. . The non people people.
>Gee thanks, Mark! Gratuitous insults really help start the day....
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