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Subject: [Leica] My last aftermarket battery just died
From: cedric.agie at (Cedric Agie)
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2013 09:31:49 +0100
References: <>

As I see it with my wife and son, they often if not always, reload
their gadgets in the evening and then forget them untill they need
them. Sometimes one or two days later. Good chargers and their
batteries are of the quick charge type ( i.e. a few hours) and of
course have security circuits against overload etc. On the other hand
Li & NmH etc cells can manage overloads more easily and seem not to
suffer from so called memory problems.

But it's not a good thing to do this too often. Many years ago the new
Lead Gel batteries appeared. It was said they would face many years of
duty and could be left on an automatic recharger without problems.
This was verry practical for alarm and security systhems. It soon
appeared this shortened their life to only a few years. My personnal
experience is that the batteries that are recharged only from time to
time and not more than necessary live much longer.

On the other hand most of you know Leica works with subcontractors and
suppliers of small parts. I know production sometimes slowed down
because some items could not be delivered in time. In case of those
batteries I suppose Leica has more than one supplier.



2013/3/18 Peter Klein <pklein at>:
> I have two Leica batteries that came with my M8 order in 2007.  In late 
> 2010
> one would not hold a charge. Later I deep-cyled it twice, and it started
> working again. A charge doesn't last quite as long as it used to on either
> Leica battery, but they still work after 6 years.
> I also have two aftermarket batteries. I bought in late 2010, just before a
> trip abroad, because of the above problem with the Leica battery. At the
> time, genuine Leica batteries were unavailable. Like Nathan, I bought them
> from a reputable domestic battery dealer rather than an unknown Asian ebay
> supplier. A full charge on these batteries actually lasts a little longer
> than the original Leica batteries did. The one quirk they have is that the
> M8 battery indicator is accurate only if I run the battery almost down to
> the wire before I re-charge it.  I'll live.  Beyond that, no complaints.
> The early aftermarket batteries had a lower mAh (milliamp-hours) rating 
> than
> the Leica battery. That, plus the uncertain provenance and QC of the Asian
> ebay suppliers may account for some of the problems. From what I've heard 
> on
> other forums, if the mAh rating is as good or better than Leica's, and the
> supplier is reputable, you're probably going to be OK.
> --Peter
>> I have a mix of Leica and aftermarket batteries for my M8, and a mix of
>> Pentax and aftermarket batteries for my K5, and I cannot distinguish
>> between
>> them in terms of performance. I have had a few duds, but still have saved
>> large amounts of money, even taking that into account. I usually do not
>> buy
>> batteries on ebay but rather in good online shops such as
>> or
>> Nathan Wajsman
>> Alicante, Spain
>> Blog:
>> On Mar 16, 2013, at 11:39 PM, Mark Rabiner wrote:
>> > I remember the first time I ever tried to lookup something on the
>> > internet.
>> > And I was paying by the minute!
>> > There I am looking at listing of people talking about it on discussion
>> > groups. Why would I ever want to read those!? Just give me a reliable
>> > source
>> > please! A review from a real reviewer, the manufactures specs. A book on
>> > it...
>> >
>> > Later on things changed I was on some of those discussion groups and I'm
>> > realizing that when you look at a discussion with 25 people all saying a
>> > product  crapped out on them after a year then that's better than a
>> > reference to an encyclopedia or some expert or bloggers opinion or
>> > certainly
>> > the hype from the manufacture.
>> > Its  the direct experience from 25 users.
>> >
>> > This particular thread here  " My last aftermarket battery just died"
>> > opened
>> > with a guy saying that all 25 of his aftermarket batteries are dead and
>> > a
>> > pile of people all concurred with the exact same experience.
>> > NO ONE came on and said "My aftermarket batteries have been working for
>> > me
>> > like a brand marked one was for years".
>> > Yet it has never the less evolved into quite a controversy.
>> > It seems that just like the use of UV filter there are people who are in
>> > the
>> > mindset that despite all logic and history after buying a premium piece
>> > of
>> > gear they are going to skimp like crazy on all the stuff which makes it
>> > go.
>> > So its not logic which is the issue here folks..
>> >
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