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Subject: [Leica] Cataract surgery
From: kanner at (Herbert Kanner)
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 19:28:00 -0800
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What is a bad idea is to function with both eyes being different. So, 
either use a contact lens in the left eye to make it agree with the 
right eye, or have the implant match the left eye. I think the first 
alternative is the one I would choose, but this was because I a) 
never  used contacts and b) refuse to look into a camera viewfinder 
with glasses. Until my both eyes had cataract surgery, I used to put 
a 2 diopter lens in my camera viewfinders.

Hope what I wrote helps and is not too confusing.


>LUG:  I'm going to have cataract surgery in my right (dominant) eye
>in a couple of weeks.  My left eye is fine.
>I'm told that I will probably have a choice.  I can get my right eye
>corrected for distance. Or get it corrected to be approximately the
>same as my left eye, which currently has a distance prescription of
>-3.00, no astigmatism.
>Has anyone on the LUG had to make this choice?  What did you decide,
>and how did it work out for you?
>Background:  I've been nearsighted and worn glasses most of my life.
>I wore monovision contacts for the past several years. They worked
>well for general use during the day--I could see, drive, do casual
>things on the computer, read menus, etc.   When working extensively
>at the computer during the day, I wore a pair of cheap reading
>glasses from which I'd removed the left lens, so both my eyes were
>"set" to computer distance.  At night, I took out the contacts and
>used regular bifocals or computer glasses.
>This arrangement worked well until the past year, when the
>cataract's effects made monovision too much of a compromise.
>The idea of having my right eye perfect for distance appeals to me,
>as I could do without glasses a large portion of the time. And (not
>incidentally) use a Leica RF without glasses.  But this is "for
>keeps," so I want to be sure I make the right choice for the right
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information

Herbert Kanner
kanner at

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