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Subject: [Leica] B&W image quality
From: kcarney1 at (Ken Carney)
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 20:00:28 -0600
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On 2/15/2011 7:20 PM, Lawrence Zeitlin wrote:
> I regularly surf the web on an aluminum 12" Apple Powerbook although I
> process and store photos on a 20" iMac. I have noticed that some B&W images
> on the Powerbook screen appear significantly better than others. Pictures
> loaded by Lluis and a couple of other Luggers appear to have full tonality
> and deeper blacks while those by some other photographers appear to have a
> compressed tonal range and appear almost as if they were clipped from a
> newspaper. I don't mean to insult anyone here. What I want to know is if 
> the
> difference is an artifact of my computer, the processing and scanning
> techniques employed by the photographers, or just my imagination.
> I don't see as much difference on the iMac but there are still some.
> Incidentally, the Powerbook has a matte screen, the iMac a glossy screen.
> Larry Z
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Don't know.  I bought an HP 14" "wide" screen notebook  to take on photo 
trips, and use a Lenovo T series for business.  I didn't think either 
one was particularly useful for critical viewing, but then I haven't 
calibrated either one.  I just wanted the HP to download cards and then 
back up to an external portable drive.  My PC monitor is calibrated with 
a Spyder and ColorEyes and is in a consistent light environment.  I 
thought it would be really difficult to get good results with a notebook 
with varying lighting, slightly different screen angle and all that.  
Others may have better results.


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