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Subject: [Leica] formerly D700 now photos taken with Leicas
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 21:24:02 -0700
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Phil Forrest offered:
Subject: Re: [Leica] formerly D700 now photos taken with Leicas

> Just because one is a pro photographer, doesn't mean one knows diddly
> squat about photography.<<<<<<<

Hi Phil,
May I offer this version?  They offer themselves as "photographers?" And 
know absolutely nothing about the practice and profession of photography!

What we see today in so many locations, once the avenue of "professional 
photographers!" Are electronic button pushing operators!

They have absolutely no concept of what the word "photography and 
photographer mean what so ever!" WHY???

Well they have this electronic instrument that exposes some kind of light 
sensitive material when they press "click!" The image enters through a glass 
opening at the front and creates a near perfect exposure.

PLEASE NOTE! "I did not say "perfect photograph!" The exposure is probably 
as perfect as it can be...... "THE EXPOSURE AND TALENT TO SEE ARE NOT 

However holder of elctronic exposing instrument has been completely brain 
washed by said "exposure instrument manufacturer" they are now a 
"PHOTOGRAPHER!"   ERGO? We who have spent many years learning & using this 
incredible craft to capture the world and people about us while earning our 
living are cast aside much like a bag of garbage!  WHY?

Well Joe Shmuckenhimer, the stock boy with his electronic exposing machine 
is the friend of the friend of the guy who is a friend of nobody, but has a 
fix in with the CEO & PR guy-gal who will pay him $20.00 an hour and buy his 
lunch. WHY? Because his "pictures are amazing!" When actually they should be 
saying.... "His exposure!" is amazing. However, he really didn't have 
anything to do with them as he just turned on the electronic device and it 
went live when the light hit the sensor!

So why hire a "REAL PHOTOGRAPHER" who charges $1000.00 a day when 
Shmuckenhimer will do it for twenty bucks an hour and lunch?

Do I need to go on about the masses of electronic image makers that are 
destroying what this beatufiful craft is all about? And that is, 
understanding beautiful light, the forms, the action, the composition and 
capturing the split second moments of life that leave people in awe! "WOW! 

Ask Shmuckenhimer what any of this is about and he or she will not have one 
iota of a clue what you are talking about!

True working photographers are becoming a dying breed simply because of the 
simplicity of the electronic exposing machines! And the bull shit by the 
operators of said equipment telling people they are photographers!!

For whatever it's worth.

Dr. ted

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