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Subject: [Leica] Well I went and did it
From: kanner at (Herbert Kanner)
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 17:41:11 -0700
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For most practical purposes, I think it's a waste of money to get 
your lenses coded. Possibly, the known lens behavior might be 
relevant if the M9 is generating a .jpg, but as an M9 owner, you want 
to shoot DNG (raw).

I will admit that there is a hidden trap in having the camera think 
you are using a different lens than the one that is in there. Not 
being really conscious that the LUG gallery has a "button" for 
disclosing the camera data, I was taken aback when, after posting a 
shot of a sea gull, I was asked on the LUG how I managed to get that 
close to that "duck" with a 35 mm lens. Well, it was probably taken 
with a 90 mm, and the lesson I learned was to be meticulous about 
manually setting the lens in use every time I changed lenses.

Enjoy your M9. Wonderful camera.


>  I ordered an M9.  It will be delivered soon.  Can't wait to play
>with it.  Since I have not been reading the LUG in a long while,
>just do not have the time. I have a few quick questions so that I
>can get the most out of the camera.
>1) where is the best place to get the lenses coded?  I know some
>will say Leica, anywhere else who is quick, reliable, and
>reasonable?  I really do not want a 2 or three week turnaround.
>2) Is it really necessary to get the lenses coded? Lenses I have are
>the Voigtlander 12 (how would one even code that animal?) The 28
>elmarit pre asph, 35 'cron 3rd, 50 noctilux with builtin hood, 90
>'cron pre asph.  I also have and use the 40 1.4 Voigtlander and 50 f
>2.0 Konica Hexxanon M.  Which of those really need the coding and
>which do not?
>3) What memory cards "play" best with the M9?
>I have been shooting my Leica glass on my little G2 for the past
>month or two and absolutely love it.  That is one thing that has
>made me want the M9 so bad.  I had forgotten how sweet the small
>cameras are. So much better than these heavy 1D3 and 1D4 monsters I
>am lugging around.
>Harrison McClary
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information

Herbert Kanner
kanner at

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