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Subject: [Leica] Candles Light
From: lluisripollquerol at (Lluis Ripoll Querol)
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 00:15:07 +0200
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Great shot Tina, grain no disturbs at all


El 02/09/2010, a las 21:40, Tina Manley escribi?:

> I agree, Ted!  Here's one at 3200 where it was really so dark that I
> couldn't see it.  I can see more in the photo than I could when I  
> was there.
> That happens a lot, though, with the photos I shoot at 3200.  The  
> 3200 range
> is when I miss film.  I don't think noise in digital is as effective  
> as
> grain in film, but there are things you can do with it in PS to make  
> it look
> like grain!
> Tina
> On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 3:21 PM, <tedgrant at> wrote:
>> Lluis Ripoll Querol showed:
>> Subject: Re: [Leica] Candles Light
>>>> M8, Elmarit 28/2.8 ASPH, ISO 320
>>>> Thanks for looking, your C&C are welcome <<<
>> Good on you Lluis for shooting it!
>> Here we have another interesting photograph of... "IF YOU CAN  SEE  
>> IT, YOU
>> CAN SHOOT IT!" By candlelight in this situation as a comparison  
>> with an ISO
>> of 320 instead of the 3200 we saw in the street night series by  
>> nicolas
>> vigier : Subject: [Leica] "Walking in Antwerpen at night."
>> The point of both is.... if you can see a subject you can shoot it!  
>> Or at
>> least have a go at it and capture a frame you wouldn't have if you  
>> stuck to
>> the "I don't want any grain group." Besides in many cases the  
>> concern about
>> grain is only in the eyes of maybe one viewer.
>> 0r hundreds of others might say... "WOW! Neat shot!" commenting on  
>> the
>> content, and light levels where the photos were taken and they find  
>> them
>> interesting.
>> Here we have an example of ISO 320, hardly pushed image at all.  
>> Then we
>> jump to 3200 and both are quite excellent given the light  
>> conditions. I've
>> never hesitated pushing the ASA of film, colour or B&W, or digital  
>> if that
>> were the only way I could capture the real life look of the  
>> situation. And
>> yes the colour balance might go a tad wild at times, but in most  
>> cases it
>> was accepted as "WOW! How did you do that without lighting the  
>> scene?"
>> Digital is generally a piece of cake if you leave the camera on  
>> "No problem, I never paid any attention to the rules and  
>> regulations and
>> shot it!" Where as a techie type would probably be wringing their  
>> hands and
>> trying all kinds of "colour balancing filters" and test shots to  
>> the extent
>> that by the time they finish all that stuff, my film was being  
>> processed.
>> :-)
>> Sure I used tungsten film when that was the key lighting but that's  
>> just
>> common sense shooting and anyone would do the same thing.
>> But then I and many of the accredited photographers had no problem  
>> at the
>> 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary with "Kodachrome 200" being pushed  
>> to ASA
>> 500! Like WOW!!! After the KODAK technical people told us to shoot  
>> it at ASA
>> 500 and they processed it accordingly. Incredible results like you  
>> wouldn't
>> believe! Now film at these games is supplied free to accredited  
>> shooters as
>> well as the processing.
>> However? When the games were over and I sent 10 rolls of pushed  
>> Kodachrome
>> to KODAK Canada in Toronto for processing, the processing charge  
>> was $50.00
>> per roll! OUCH!  However I happened to be shooting for a very cool  
>> client
>> and they just shrugged their shoulders and said..."The end result  
>> is the
>> most important thing, so what's $500 bucks for processing?" I might  
>> say it
>> was a client I always enjoyed assignments with. :-)
>> But pushing ISO is no big deal as long as you get the results and an
>> acceptable image quality you can be happy with. So the next time  
>> yer in
>> squeaky light don't hesitate "JUST DO IT AND BE PLEASANTLY  
>> SURPRISED!" :-) I
>> mean ater all you've seen the results in the past few days of 320  
>> and 3200.
>> It's no big deal, shoot from the gut and not the worrisome brain! ;-)
>> cheers,
>> Dr. ted
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> Tina Manley, ASMP
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