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Subject: [Leica] Candles Light
From: lluisripollquerol at (Lluis Ripoll Querol)
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 23:42:11 +0200
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Hi Ted, mon ami

Thank you very much again for your kind comment, be sure when I've  
shot it I've remembered "IF YOU CAN SEE IT, YOU CAN SHOOT IT". As  
possible as I can I try to use the lowest possible ISO, I liked very  
much the picture has showed yesterday at f1 and ISO160, I've used very  
few times rates as 3200, but I'm not against, i.e. the Tina's picture  
showed today is great.

My experience and knowledge is much less than yours, but I've  
experimented that low light don't implies "no light", and on certain  
cases we can achieve a nice result if we don't believe the meter and  
our guidelines are the intuition and some experience. I would liked a  
lot have a customer as yours!!!, this is really nice and even I  
suppose it belongs to a period when the customers had a certain  
knowledge, I don't know if on our days is the same, I think that today  
only a few persons can be surprised by such experiences.

Thanks to you and to Leica M's and glass I'm never affraid by the dark!

Muchas gracias,
Saludos cordiales

El 02/09/2010, a las 21:21, <tedgrant at> <tedgrant at>  

> Lluis Ripoll Querol showed:
> Subject: Re: [Leica] Candles Light
>>> M8, Elmarit 28/2.8 ASPH, ISO 320
>>> Thanks for looking, your C&C are welcome <<<
> Good on you Lluis for shooting it!
> Here we have another interesting photograph of... "IF YOU CAN  SEE  
> IT, YOU CAN SHOOT IT!" By candlelight in this situation as a  
> comparison with an ISO of 320 instead of the 3200 we saw in the  
> street night series by nicolas vigier : Subject: [Leica] "Walking in  
> Antwerpen at night."
> The point of both is.... if you can see a subject you can shoot it!  
> Or at least have a go at it and capture a frame you wouldn't have if  
> you stuck to the "I don't want any grain group." Besides in many  
> cases the concern about grain is only in the eyes of maybe one viewer.
> 0r hundreds of others might say... "WOW! Neat shot!" commenting on  
> the content, and light levels where the photos were taken and they  
> find them interesting.
> Here we have an example of ISO 320, hardly pushed image at all. Then  
> we jump to 3200 and both are quite excellent given the light  
> conditions. I've never hesitated pushing the ASA of film, colour or  
> B&W, or digital if that were the only way I could capture the real  
> life look of the situation. And yes the colour balance might go a  
> tad wild at times, but in most cases it was accepted as "WOW! How  
> did you do that without lighting the scene?"  Digital is generally a  
> piece of cake if you leave the camera on AUTO WB!
> "No problem, I never paid any attention to the rules and regulations  
> and shot it!" Where as a techie type would probably be wringing  
> their hands and trying all kinds of "colour balancing filters" and  
> test shots to the extent that by the time they finish all that  
> stuff, my film was being processed. :-)
> Sure I used tungsten film when that was the key lighting but that's  
> just common sense shooting and anyone would do the same thing.
> But then I and many of the accredited photographers had no problem  
> at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary with "Kodachrome 200" being  
> pushed to ASA 500! Like WOW!!! After the KODAK technical people told  
> us to shoot it at ASA 500 and they processed it accordingly.  
> Incredible results like you wouldn't believe! Now film at these  
> games is supplied free to accredited shooters as well as the  
> processing.
> However? When the games were over and I sent 10 rolls of pushed  
> Kodachrome to KODAK Canada in Toronto for processing, the processing  
> charge was $50.00 per roll! OUCH!  However I happened to be shooting  
> for a very cool client and they just shrugged their shoulders and  
> said..."The end result is the most important thing, so what's $500  
> bucks for processing?" I might say it was a client I always enjoyed  
> assignments with. :-)
> But pushing ISO is no big deal as long as you get the results and an  
> acceptable image quality you can be happy with. So the next time yer  
> in squeaky light don't hesitate "JUST DO IT AND BE PLEASANTLY  
> SURPRISED!" :-) I mean ater all you've seen the results in the past  
> few days of 320 and 3200. It's no big deal, shoot from the gut and  
> not the worrisome brain! ;-)
> cheers,
> Dr. ted
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