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Subject: [Leica] Leica Around the World
From: philippe.amard at (philippe.amard at
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 15:02:24 +0200 (CEST)
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As already stated (mistakenly off list to Nathan only), I bought a lens from 
Australia last year 
and the trick was to declare the despatch as mine, with its real value, 
while enclosing an invoice of say $50 for CLA to be paid by me to the 

No tax or duty will be claimed if the camera is on its way back home, and 
the shipment can nevertheless be covered by the insurance at its real value.

My two eurocents

Envoy? depuis Ma Messagerie SFR. 10 Go de stockage - en savoir plus.


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 Yes the situation here in Australia is similar. The numbers look rather 
worse. On that insured value the parcel would just get into taxable 
territory. The tax would be  10% of the value of item, postage and insurance 
on arrival, and the postage and insurance outward would be similar to what 
Nathan is describing. You may find that too many intercontinental legs may 
be problematic due to time and also cumulative xray dosage also? Dare I say, 
send an SD card around instead with say five frames or whatever from each 
M8/9 it encounters?????  Sorry. Geoff   On 23 
July 2010 15:15, Nathan Wajsman 
 wrote:  > Not wishing to discourage anything, but just be aware that the 
idea of > declaring a value of $25 and insuring for $950 will not work in 
most > European countries. First, I cannot think why the Post Office (or any 
> carrier for that matter) would insure something for several times the > 
declared value; and second, I can assure you that if I receive a package > 
from outside the EU insured for $950, then this is what customs and VAT will 
> be based on, regardless of whether the sender has declared some fictitious 
> value or marked it as gift. > > Also, keep shipping costs in mind. To send 
a 1 kg package from Spain to, > say, the USA, by regular priority mail, will 
cost ?28 plus 1% of the insured > value for insurance. Not huge but 
certainly not trivial. > > Nathan > > Nathan Wajsman > Alicante, Spain > > > > PICTURE OF THE WEEK: > Blog: > > YNWA > 
> > > > > On Jul 23, 2010, at 3:14 AM, Peter Cheyne wrote: > > > > > > > 
Taking part: > > I'd like to encourage more people in Europe to take part.  
Also, a call > for > > anyone willing in the Southern hemisphere, the Middle 
East, and Asia.  If > you > > wish to take part, please be prepared to 
contribute to the kitty.  The > camera > > must be sent by insured mail, or 
hand delivered to the next person on the > list. > > It doesn't need to be 
DHL or FEDEX, your national postal service will > insure it > > for a few 
extra dollars.  When sending internationally, state it as a > gift of a > > 
used camera and film valued at about 25 dollars and insure it for 950 > USD. 
 That > > way the recipient does not have to pay import charges.  That is 
perfectly > > legitimate.  Besides, the possession of a Leica M3 for two 
days might be > fairly > > valued at 25 bucks. > > > > Who's in? > > 
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