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Subject: [Leica] Leica Around the World
From: geordiepete211 at (Peter Cheyne)
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 18:14:09 -0700 (PDT)

I dropped the question mark from the subject title because it is looking 
likely that this will happen.

I'd say slide film.  After the film gets developed, I can scan it so it's 
up, then mail the mounted slides to their respective owners.  Everyone can 
digitally process their slides (so there is a chance of some b&w 
conversions) if 
they wish, then pass JPEGs to the person organizing a webpage to display 
 Two frames each.  Might stretch that to three or four if we use more film 
and/or don't get as many participants as hoped.  

Time frame:  
I suggest we each try our best to have the camera on it's way to the next 
on the list within two days of receiving the camera.  If a participant hand 
delivers it to the next on the list instead of using the mail, then they can 
feel OK about holding on to it for four days.  Waiting for a day off will 
usually be an option, so when you hear the camera will soon be headed your 
you can start thinking out your photo subjects and how you can squeeze 
them into your schedules.  

no defined theme, although a loose suggestion of something specific to your 
would be nice, seeing as it's a Round the World project.  

Risk and costs:  
the biggest barrier to sending a Leica M around the round is the fact that 
other attempts with disposable cameras didn't make it.  If someone wants to 
throw their M camera to bounce off at least 3 continents, they want to be 
it's a boomerang.  I decided I could take that risk if there was a kitty 
that we 
all contribute to, and if the camera doesn't return to me, then I can 
replace my 
M3 with that.  I'd be happy to have another LUGger collect and keep the 
 My first thought was 38 participants contributing 25 USD each, making 950 
 If the camera comes back as we'd all wish, then the 950 dollars goes to a 
charity we can agree on.  If it doesn't, then whoever the group chooses to 
after the kitty can reimburse me for the cost of a replacement M3.  Fewer 
38 participants means upping the buy-in price, and vice-versa.  My M is in 
condition, I want that one back rather than a replacement, and I really 
like to see a roll of slide film (maybe two if we have enough participants) 
photos from as many LUGgers in as many countries as we can manage.  I'm 
for a nice story with some great images.

Taking part:  
I'd like to encourage more people in Europe to take part.  Also, a call for 
anyone willing in the Southern hemisphere, the Middle East, and Asia.  If 
wish to take part, please be prepared to contribute to the kitty.  The 
must be sent by insured mail, or hand delivered to the next person on the 
 It doesn't need to be DHL or FEDEX, your national postal service will 
insure it 
for a few extra dollars.  When sending internationally, state it as a gift 
of a 
used camera and film valued at about 25 dollars and insure it for 950 USD.  
way the recipient does not have to pay import charges.  That is perfectly 
legitimate.  Besides, the possession of a Leica M3 for two days might be 
valued at 25 bucks.

Who's in?
So far it looks like:
Douglas Barry
Peter Cheyne
Gene Duprey
Alastair Firkin
Philip Forest
Don Lawrence
Richard Man 
Wayne Serrano
Leo Wesson
Chris Williams

Now that we have ten participants, others might well think that this just 
get of the ground, wing that Leica M around the world and back again, and be 
some fun.  I'd like to encourage to put their names down, and at a later 
date, I 
will collect postal addresses, phone numbers, e-mails and put together an 
itinerary.  I"ll be in the UK this August, until 24th, so I can take my 
frame there then post it on to perhaps Douglas Barry in Ireland.  So if 
else in Europe wants in, please don't be shy and do let us know soon as the 
first leg of the tour will begin there.  

Peter Cheyne

 Peter Cheyne

Mobile:(+81) 080-3959-1924 geordiepete at

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