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Subject: [Leica] Credit Card Fraud
From: kcarney1 at (Ken Carney)
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2010 20:02:30 -0500
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On 4/6/2010 7:22 PM, Marty Deveney wrote:
> In the Leica Store in Vienna I was prevented from making a transaction
> because the bank thought that the transaction was potentially
> fraudulent.  I changed banks.
> Marty
> On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 9:33 AM, Robert D. Baron<rbaron at>  
> wrote:
>> The major credit card companies have very sophisticated software now
>> that can be reasonably adept at spotting possible fraudulent
>> transactions.
>> Several times in recent years I have got calls from fraud units asking
>> me if I was in, say, China the previous day (the answer is always
>> 'no') and they say we've got a fraudulent transaction here and we'll
>> cancel your card and overnight you a new one.  Citibank has been
>> particularly active in this area.
>> But it can also trip you up:  Several months ago I put gas in my car,
>> then went a WalMart, then went to a liquor store.  I used the same
>> card at all three places.  At the liquor store I was told the card was
>> rejected and I should call the issuer's Fraud Unit.  I did and was
>> told I had fallen into the pattern of people who steal credit cards:
>> They go to a gas station to make sure the card works, then they go to
>> a WalMart to get items to sell, and then they go to a liquor store to
>> stock up for a party.  This caused their software to tag me, but when
>> I convinced them it was me and not a robber they approved the
>> purchase.
>> This Modern Age.
>> --Bob
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A red flag is a significant transaction in another country.  My CC 
company advises calling them in advance to let them know.  Years ago I 
bought a Heidelberg scanner from B&H and it tripped a fraud alert 
because of the amount.  Not bad, I thought.

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