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Subject: [Leica] Auto vibration reduction
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 00:06:47 -0400

Gallery owners faces?
I would have guessed the vast majority of stuff the landscape and wildlife
gallery people get are done with state of the art stabilization glass and
the gallery owners wouldn't know the difference but invest in people who
produce consistent quality results. Later they find out which of these
people have low or high tech approaches. I'd guess most of them would have
high tech modern approaches using the newest glass coming out very day from
Nikon and Canon and not search eBay for the stuff made before anti
vibration. I don't think Nikon and Canon is all of a sudden coming out with
more and more inferior ways to make photographs just so they can put a VR or
IS acronym on the barrel and charge more. I'm a huge fan of more elegant
lens designs but when they add a bunch of elements for the VR and IS reasons
they do have a clue what they are doing as they kind of test it out ahead of

I think we on the LUG and other places can embrace a low tech approach and
make competitive results. But to think that people who have not eschewed
modern optics are coming out with drek I don't think really adds up and we
few low tech people are best off on the defensive not offensive.
Here on the lug you would think plenty of us have eschewed many of the
modern conventions in photography instead doing it the Leica way.
Auto focus
Auto vibration reduction - NOT hard core "Leica" approach involved a much
lower tech approach and we can show them up and make for competitive or
better images then the standard approach used by just about everybody
nowadays. Which is to use DSLRS with AF and IF and IR or whatever acronym
you want to call it.
To say that the use of these technology's makes for non competitive inferior
results I don't think holds up.  I think that the bulk of images we see in
front of us on the gallery walls and searchable in the internet in the
better places are done that way.

Mark William Rabiner

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