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Subject: [Leica] Shadows and Sun on El Raval
From: lluisripollquerol at (Lluis Ripoll Querol)
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2010 19:46:05 +0100
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Hi Vince,

Thank you very much for your kind comments, I agree with your opinion,  
the 35 mm is really a great lens for a M, together with the 50 mm are  
the lens I use more usually and just what I guess on the M8, the M9  
would be more useful for a classical shooter. The Summicron 35 is a  
great lens, small, light...., when I've bought it was in 1997 when the  
ASPH has appeared, the seller asjed me if I prefer the new one and  
I've said no, the Cron was a dreamed lens for me and I want simply to  
have this small gem, but what I've saw from other users with the  
Skopar shows really good quality.

I agree too on your appreciation of the Tri X, it is probably the most  
versatile film, I like very much too the Plus X (Kodak don't sell it  
any more in Spain) and the disapeared Agfa APX100 I still keep a few  
rolls on my frigidaire, I think that the actual film Rollei Retro is  
the same formula but I've never tried it.

IMO the film gives some special differences in B&W than digital, and I  
like very much this. Long life to the film!


El 30/01/2010, a las 6:25, Vince Passaro escribi?:

> Lluis,
> These are lovely images and is not 35mm the greatest focal length of  
> all?
> When I was shooting film I had brilliant cheap 35mm lenses for my  
> Minolta
> and my Nikon but I've never managed to get a Leica -- I have the 40mm
> Summicron C which is a gorgeous and very particular lens in its own  
> right
> but finally I have bought a CV Skopar 35/2.5 which is not a  
> Summicron of
> course but it will have to do until I write a good film script.
> Meanwhile, I'm particularly interested in "Winter Sun" -- the set of  
> evening
> pictures from December (in this same neighborhood yes?) were all in  
> plus X
> but now we have tri-x; it amazes me how much I love tri-x. Years ago a
> Russian-born, German-raised very serious artist who lived in the  
> arpartment
> next to mine in NYC tried to teach me how to sketch and she kept  
> saying
> "look at the walues, pay attention to the walues..." And so now look  
> at the
> values in "Winter Sun" -- the different grays just of the high  
> windows! Then
> consider all the stones! There is nothing like tri-x in the world.  
> Now I'm
> shooting digital and what I miss the most is the unmistakeable look  
> and feel
> of b+w images created with that particular film.
> Of coures in NYC it was costing me $3.50 per roll, plus $6 to  
> process and $6
> to scan (total with tax etc more than $15 per roll) so --  digital is
> keeping my girlfriend from assassinating me.  9And yes I tried to  
> scan my
> own but the time involved -- forget it.)
> Tri-X and a Leica 35mm lens, and a real city. That's what they give  
> you when
> you get to photo-heaven.
> Vince P
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