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Subject: [Leica] Problem with new to me M8
From: lucien_vd at (lucien_vd at
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 14:30:54 +0100
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I am also one of the lucky users of the M9 since September and (still)  
owner of a (now backup) M8 since 3 years.

With the M9 the fun I had with the M6 and MP was instantaneously back,  
and soon I will have taken as many pictures with it than with the M8  
in 3 years.

Maybe because now I am leaving my Canon FF DSLR at home, like I did in  
the past with my film SLR, once I was confident enough with the M6.

I really believe that with the M9 the M is back in town.

And for a lot more people than with the M8....

... which is still an excellent camera.

An assertion that the politically correctness forbid you to forget  
whenever you mention the M8 in respect of the M9 on any Leica Forum  
those days.


And when you think of it, the M9, the biggest hit from Leica since a  
very long time, is a camera that they said was developed for them, on  
the cheap, by another company.

Because they were so busy making the S2.

They really should let Jenoptik develop the R10...



On 25 Jan, 2010, at 07:49, Frank Dernie wrote :

> Hi Mark,
> Here is one from the not-very-many-thousand-yet people who have gone  
> from M8 to M9. True, I do not pick up the M8 when I go out, I pick  
> up the M9, but I, and -everybody- I know was delighted with the M8  
> results. No problem from day 1. I will take the M8 and filters as a  
> backup when I travel, and a Panasonic GH1 with m4/3 to Leica  
> adaptor, for if I need zoom or fancy video.
> Brilliant! Before, I just took the M8 and never had cause for regret.
> It does seem to me you are the only person on this list, maybe the  
> world, with this opinion.
> Frank
> On 25 Jan, 2010, at 03:05, Mark Rabiner wrote:
>>> price now. They do work just the same. As far as I know you've  
>>> never owned
>>> one? That's fine, you can form your own opinions based on whatever  
>>> you've
>>> read but many thousands of owners and users disagree with you.
>>> Cheers
>>> Geoff
>> We haven't heard from the thousand of owners who've moved from the  
>> M8 to the
>> M9  I think they are less blissful about they're M8 experience and  
>> am glad
>> they're at 9 and would rather than think about the past so much.
>> We just stated SURE as a second camera or back up camera to the M9.
>> Its just not going to ever be the camera you reach for first as you  
>> walk out
>> the door unless you're walking into a hurricane.
>> The M9 is not by far the camera of choice.
>> Again the main issue being the present tense being the active one.
>> Which is at least for me being able to shoot with an M9 or M9s as  
>> soon as
>> possible. The M9s being the future tense. Not as active. But hopeful.
>> Leica is in business in the present. And I'm a present customer.
>> The M9s is to me not future tense but history that just haven't  
>> gotten
>> around to happening yet.
>> A 12 mp full frame rangefinder M with ISO's in the ranges we've  
>> come to
>> expect in modern DSLR street shooting. Shooting which wound be  
>> better served
>> with a rangefinder. A better street camera as I go.
>> [Rabs]
>> Mark William Rabiner
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