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Subject: [Leica] IMGS: Lake Titicaca NOW GETTING OLD! :-(
From: steve.barbour at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2010 20:06:08 -0800
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On Jan 1, 2010, at 8:03 PM, <tedgrant at> wrote:

> Mark Rabiner offered:
>>>>>> The point comes seemingly early it seems in a productive 
>>>>>> photographers life
> where they could easily hang up the camera and devote the rest of their
> decades to post production. Printing. Editing. Signing books. Emailing.
> I'm not going to let it happen to me, for one, the digital thing just makes
> for going out and shooting too great and you don't need money to do it. I'm
> sure Tina is not racketing back one click.<<<<<<<<
> Mark,
> I hate this aging crap with such a great vengeance! I will not and am not 
> going to sit back and become a fat assed gut sagging old man waiting to 
> die! My life has been filled with wonderful places and the greatest of 
> assignments and I fully expect to go right on until I go down with a 
> camera, Leica or whatever in hand!

damn Ted, you're my hero...

no crap,


> With any kind of luck this year I will be working on a new book about 
> medical students in training..... in Hong Kong, Vancouver, Montreal, 
> Oxford UK., Hannover in Germany with a possibility of a week or two in 
> Spain. And quite possibly a week or two at John's Hopkins in the USA.
> So as I run towards my 81st birthday this May, I have no intention of... 
> "Oh you're old, you can't do that. Or why wouldn't you just sit back and 
> enjoy what your incredible life has been and the honors bestowed on you 
> this past couple of years?  WHY??????????  Easy!
> Hell if I quit I'll die, as simple as that. Last year, 08 I had a  touch 
> of the miseries of sitting back and not doing very much ............. it 
> was hell! "Why don't you go out and take pictures you'll feel better!" 
> After all these years of pressure assignments, just walking about is about 
> as tough as it could possibly be. Then I took to flowers, yep it was 
> interesting but it isn't the same as doing it for real!
> I've had the very good fortune to be working with men in their 90's this 
> past two years and they are as gung ho as teen agers. One at the age of 95 
> kept telling me... "well young fella don't even consider stopping what you 
> enjoy with such great enthusiasm for so many years! If you do, you will be 
> dead in less than a year!" And that folks sure as hell isn't going to 
> happen. Besides I now have a brand new eye to see with, so I better make 
> use of it! :-)
> For those of you who have the DVD BRAVO TV  documentary about me and or 
> have seen the film on TV my closing remark is, "When I go I will have a 
> camera in my hand, why not?" :-) A fitting way to go!
> Yep sure as heck have aches and pains some days from various crash and 
> burns of the past years. But at 80 it's bite the bullet, it's a new day 
> the beginning of a New Year! So get on with it, pull up yer socks and get 
> cracking. And with any kind of luck we'll make this a very productive year 
> just like many of the others in the past! Maybe a little slower! :-)
> A nice thing to have on the calendar already is 4 speaking engagements 
> with photo schools and colleges and a couple of camera clubs so that 
> should help keep me out of mischief! ;-) But that's no fun! :-)
> I maybe off screen for some periods of time but will drop in when I can or 
> after a meet and greet with LUGGERS along the way.
> Have a great year everyone. And don't forget to save the misery of me 
> yelling at you next December 2010. Get your pictures to Jim early!!! :-) 
> Thanks to everyone who made the book! Good on you! Those who missed it? 
> Right now open a 2010 folder on the desktop and put two photos in it! 
> There now that was so easy, right? ;-)
> cheers,
> ted
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