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Subject: [Leica] UK police use anti-terrorism laws to stop photographers -- and so do American ones
From: pdzwig at (Peter Dzwig)
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 22:01:11 +0000
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The head of one of the UK forces - who is natruional spokesman on these 
was interviewed on the radio over here yesterday morning. He said that he was
going to re-issue advice to the police about how they were to react to public
taking photos.

For an earlier (August) commentary on the guidance see:

The Met's Official Gudance is here:


Kyle Cassidy wrote:
> There's this OTHER dude named Kyle Cassidy who screws up my google vanity 
> searches by being very talented and prolific. He just wrote an article 
> about police in the UK stopping people for photographing things like the 
> houses of parlement:
> Perhaps not ironically, I was stopped and detained by three police cars 
> this summer for taking a photo in Limerick PA that had the cooling towers 
> in the background. They were very polite, but I was told that no photos 
> may be taken that have the Limerick Nuclear cooling towers in them, which 
> is absurd, since you can see them for fifteen miles. Eventually a guy with 
> an M4 took my film and they told me not to take any more pictures until I 
> got back to Philadelphia. I wonder what they'll do when they find out 
> there are six million photos of the towers already on flickr. And even 
> aerial photos on the NRC's web page.... 
> They also told me that the week before they'd detained two guys from India 
> who were seen taking a photo of the towers from the Limerick shopping 
> mall, four miles away. 
> You have too many cameras and you're not getting stopped by the police 
> enough,
> Kc
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