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Subject: [Leica] Kodachrome at Dwayne's Still 1,000 Rolls a Day– but someone took mine away :-(
From: geordiepete211 at (Peter Cheyne)
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 20:14:45 +0900
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That was a slightly annoying story for me to watch, because I sent  
Dwayne's 7 rolls of Kodachrome this September of my summer visit to
the English Lake District.  I planned every shot and was looking  
forward to taking those photographs with Kodachrome for many months
beforehand.  I sent them off to Dwayne's, the last place on Earth to  
develop Kodachrome, and I never saw them since.  I sent a few e-mails
to them and they say they just can't find them.

There is of course the chance that they were lost in post, but I've  
asked the Post Office, and they say the package is not in their  
system.  I wonder if
my rolls just got separated from my name and address at Dwayne's and  
they are in a bucket in the corner, a bucket of orphan rolls.  After  
seeing this
story showing little old Dwayne's receiving over 1000 rolls a day  
since they are the planet's only Kodachrome developer, I wouldn't be  
if that's what happened.

No real moral to the story.  You could say that wouldn't have happened  
if I used a digital camera.  But there are ways that digi images can  
be lost too.
Besides, I wanted them for projection.  I don't mean to be negative  
about Dwayne's.  The rolls might have been lost in the post.  And I'm  
glad for the
great majority of Dwayne's customers who do get their rolls back as  
slides to last a few lifetimes.


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