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Subject: [Leica] m9 review
From: dstella1 at (Dante Stella)
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 20:26:11 -0500
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Mark, this is not about raw speed - though I know that makes for a  
better straw-man.

1.      David Keenan is dead-on correct about the M8/M9 architecture, which  
has a long shutter lag (six times that of an M3 and double that of a  
D3), is slow to a second shot (should/when you need one), and can lock  
up fairly easily taking repeated shots, even without mashing down the  
shutter button on continuous.  I have years of experience with this on  
the M8 and agree with Keenan that unresponsiveness - particularly on a  
first shot - is inexcusable.  This is even more the case where a  
camera allegedly is designed to capture some "decisive moment."

2.      Two things that didn't get mentioned (and hopefully these have not  
carried on to the M9) are (a) the tendency of the M8 to wildly  
overexpose if the shutter is pressed too quickly when the meter is  
"waking up" - apparently a bad habit carried over with the M7 meter -  
and (b) the tendency not to fire the flash at all if the shutter is  
tripped too quickly after the shutter is first pressed.  Then go to #1  
above for the slow recovery from the resulting missed shot.

If the M9 is in any way worse than an M8 in responsiveness, it's a  
fail.  I don't believe that a camera should have any ability to second- 
guess, ask for a "do-over," or be asleep on the job when I need it.

The decision when and if to take a picture is not an exercise for a  

Unless that committee is a committee of one.



Dante Stella


On Nov 9, 2009, at 1:06 AM, Mark Rabiner wrote:

> We'll see if anyone else in the world especially a reviewer  
> especially a
> real reviewer thinks there's  a speed issue with the camera. As in the
> camrea shoots too slow. Which he goes on and on about.
> I wasn't too offended till I got half way down the page and hit the
> " The Major Flaw of the M9"
> He's holding the shutter button down until the thing slow up and stops
> shooting at 2 frames per second and that takes  seven or eight  
> exposures.
> " Inexcusable" he says
> !?!?!
> And he insists on shooting "compressed RAW + fine JPG" .
> Gotta have both.
> It's gotta be compressed
> And he's gotta go on and on about it.
> The last time I held the shutter button down like that on even a  
> DSLR was
> never.
> And I've shot skate boarders.
> But not Golf swing studies.
> There's a difference between camera  bloggers and  cameras reviewers.
> And I'd think the digitaljournalist people would know that.
> .
> Mark William Rabiner
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